Welcome as we share our top best places to visit in Ipoh, Malaysia. Known to offer good food, Ipoh also boost places commonly visited by tourist and visitors. The presence of the colonial British occupation during the late 1880’s bring some of the historical sites and buildings in the city center. Most of the tourist visit top destination are Ipoh’s famous cave temples, museum, theme parks, castle and architectural landmarks. Follow us, as we feature our best places to visit in Ipoh.

Market Lane Best Places To Visit Ipoh Malaysia


Ipoh is the capital city of one of the Malaysia states – Perak. It is situated on the northern part of Kuala Lumpur and just the southeast side of Penang, Georgetown

Ipoh Perak Malaysia


Lake Garden Kek Lok Tong Cave Temple

Enter the most visited cave temple in Ipoh – Kek Lok Tong and discover its majestic limestone formation and panoramic lake garden. Located 15 minutes from the city center of Ipoh, Kek Look Tong is considered one of the most well-preserved, clean, and well-maintained cave temples in Ipoh, Malaysia. The cave temple showcases different sculptures of Buddha and other religious figures. With its FREE entrance, local visitors and tourists find the cave temple a good place to explore and perform offerings. Aside from praying, one of the most significant features when visiting is the beautiful landscape garden located on the other side of the cave. Visitors who want to have a peaceful experience away from the hustle and bustle of the city can come and visit Kek Look Tong temple.


Qing Xin Ling Leisure and Cultural Village

Relive the nostalgic memory of exploring Qing Xin Ling Leisure and Cultural Village to experience the breathtaking atmosphere. Located further south of Ipoh city center, Qing Xin Ling Leisure and Cultural Village are one of the ideal places for family outings. This family-friendly village provides discovery for families and education for children on the past generation’s equipment and activities.


Drive out of the town of Ipoh and discover the abandoned and hunted castle of Kellie’s Castle. Kellie’s Castle is considered the top tourist destination when visiting Perak. Its unique design and the whole architecture of this castle made it well admired by visitors. The castle has a lot of interesting history and story behind the building which was left abandoned. After the abandonment. the castle is widely known to have some paranormal activity for visitors visiting the castle during the night.


Ipoh Mural Trishaw Taking Rubbish

Walk through the alleys of Ipoh’s Old Town and discover the creative design of Ipoh street art and mural lane paintings on the walls and buildings. Considered one of the known street art of Malaysia, Ipoh’s street art can be found in two (2) distinct places in the city center of Ipoh. One is located in the old town area while the other is in the Mural lane. Most of the artwork in the Ipoh old town area is created by the known artist Ernest Zacharevic who also performed street art in Penang, Malaysia. The new town area of Ipoh lies the long street with wide arrays of paintings on the walls.

Ipoh Street Art Community


Ipoh Railway Station Building

Once a mining state, Ipoh has transformed into a historical site after the British colonial occupation during the era. Most of the Ipoh Historical Site consists of different points of interest which include historical buildings, a monument, a railway station, and a clocktower. Ipoh Heritage Trail is marked with information that makes it convenient for explorers to navigate the heritage trail.

Old Town White Coffee Shop Ipoh Malaysia


Perak Cave Temple Ipoh Malaysia

One of the most unique caves to visit in Ipoh is the Perak Cave Temple. This Buddhist cave temple is surrounded by a peaceful environment which makes it ideal for cleansing the soul. Not only that, visitors can hike the stairs to view the magnificent view from the top. Admission to the temple is FREE, but visitors are encouraged to donate to help maintain and upkeep the temple facilities.


Best Places To Visit Ipoh Malaysia Gunung Lang Recreational Park

Gunung Lang Recreational Park is one of the most commonly visited by tourists and local visitors in Ipoh. The view of the lake during fair weather provides beautiful scenery with its lake filled with fishes in the background. For just RM3 (2-way ferry ride) visitors can visit the small zoo, explore the garden and play with children at the playground. Visitors can even climb to the tower and have a look at the park’s view. The park is mostly an ideal place to spend time between family and friends while enjoying the good breeze from nature.


Concubine Lane Best Places To Visit Ipoh Malaysia
Best Places To Visit Ipoh Malaysia Concubine Lane

One of the famous street to visit in Ipoh – is Concubine Lane which are filled with shops that sells local foods and souvenirs. This small alley used to be the place of mistress from rich people in Ipoh and at the den for opium. The buildings are old but maintained as part of the tourist attraction in Ipoh. So during weekends and public holidays, this lane is filled with crowds mostly tourists checking on a variety of things. This street has some murals, cafes, and dessert houses which make it interesting for a photo shoot.

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