Welcome to Pasar Karat JB Night Market (Bazar JB) located next to the city center of Johor Bahru and experience local street food and shopping adventure. Pasar Karat JB Night Market is one of the happening places when you are visiting Johor at night. Visitors who are on a budget and looking for cheap items like clothes, bags, shoes, and even toys for children can find them in this night market. There are also food stalls around selling fruit juices, donuts, puffs, and fried finger food items. So let’s come and have fun walking the street while enjoying the good food at products are reasonable prices.

Pasar Karat JB Night Bazar


Pasar Karat Night Market is located along the stretch of Jalan Segget and Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, Johor Bahru Malaysia. The whole stretch covers about 500m filled with stalls with rows of traditional shop-houses in the background. The night market is also conveniently situated behind the City Square Mall and JB Sentral which is about a 300m walk.


Crowds At JB Night Market

Pasar Karat Night Market is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 6:00 PM to 12 midnight and Closed on Mondays. The best time to go to Pasar Karat Night Market is during weekends, which usually starts on Friday night. Most of the shops start to open at 6:00 PM but to fully enjoy visit the night market at around 8:30 PM where the street will be filled with people and colorful lights in the background.

Ballons At Johor Night Market
Sales Shirts At Johor Night Market


Vintage Shirts At Pasar Karat Night Bazar

There are vintage shirts available on the street that are sold from RM10-RM40 depending on the design.

White Tshirt At Pasar Karat JB Night Bazar

Shoes also offer discounted prices from wide variety of brand and design.

Shoes At Pasar Karat JB Stalls
Caps and Huts For Sale JB Night Market


Hookah District JB Night Market

Hookah District offers outdoor dining experience that offer local delicacies such as satay and otah-otah.

Stage Performance At Hookah Night Market

It has a live music stage performances in front of open space restaurants. Visitors can enjoy a good meal while watching the stage performance.


Fruits and Juices At JB Night Market

While walking one can try some street foods which are made available for all visitors.

Salad and Dessert At JB Bazar Night Market

This includes the fruit drinks, corn tidbits, fried and grilled foods and even cakes and pastries.

Fried Food JB Night Market
Cakes and Pastries JB Pasar Karat


Wallets and Bags For Sale Pasar Karat JB

Pasar Karat JB Night Market is considered one of the worth visiting places when you are in Johor Bahru. Here visitors choose from a variety of shops and things to buy at a very affordable price. The night market gets crowded during weekends, so visitors must be comfortable walking and squeezing in tight line spaces. Overall Pasar Karat is a great place for window shopping and feeling the vibes of a night market.

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