Let us walk through the alleys of Ipoh’s Old Town and discover the creative design of Ipoh street art and mural lane paintings on the walls and buildings. Considered as one of the known street art of Malaysia, Ipoh’s street art can be found on two (2) distinct places in the city center of Ipoh. One is located at old town area while the other is at the Mural lane. Most of the artwork in Ipoh old town area are creative by the known artist Ernest Zacharevic who also perform the street art at Penang, Malaysia. The new town area of Ipoh lies the long street with the wide arrays of paintings on the walls. So follow with us, as we provide this quick guide walking through the alleys of both old and new town area of Ipoh.

Ipoh Street Art Community

While exploring Malaysia, we have noticed that the street art are prevalent in the cities of Penang, Melaka, Ipoh, Muar and Kuala Lumpur. Each of this cities offer unique characteristics of street art design that often reflects the unique culture of Malaysia. Visitors who are fond in exploring artistic design will find it mesmerizing. Most of the so called dead alleys are turned into life because of this vibrant attractions.


Ipoh Street Art are conveniently located in the town center of Ipoh. Most of the street art are just walking distance with each other. The street art located within the old town are also nearby to the Ipoh Heritage Spots where one can explore the historical sites while exploring the artwork.  

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Mural Arts Lane I Love Ipoh


Ipoh Mural Kafe Yoon Wah Beer Drinking

To make the town more attractive, artist Ernest Zacharevic creates murals in the various buildings in Ipoh town. Some of Zacharevic’s artwork are hidden on some corners, which means visitors my need to search the location.

Ipoh Mural Old Uncle Drinking Coffee

One of his famous artwork where done on the Old Town White Coffee building, that shows the image of old man drinking coffee.

Ipoh Mural Trishaw Taking Rubbish

Another known artwork is the Trishaw which reflects the person carrying the rubbish inside the trishaw.

Ipoh Mural Evolution


Ipoh Street Art Coffee Shop
Ipoh Mural Concubine Lane


Mural Arts Lane Children Playing Hide And Seek
Mural Art Lane Children On The Farm Animals

Located across the bridge of Kinta River, this stretch of mural lane is filled with rich artwork that depicts most of the cultural heritage of Malaysia. Some of the paintings are located on the side of the lanes which are great place to take pictures. Most of the street art in new town are created by Eric Lai – a local artist of Ipoh which makes notable artwork design.


Mural Arts Lane Full Love 2022 Tiger
Mural Arts Lane Children Playing With Water

Compared to the street art at old town, the artwork at new town are more colorful and youthful that brings out artistic expression by the artist.

Mural Arts Lane Ipoh Circus Dream
Mural Arts Lane Happy Mothers Day


Mural Arts Lane

Ipoh Street Art offers lovely place to walk and explore for all tourist in Ipoh. With only few distance from the city center, this murals shows how locals and Malaysian culture are kept through different races in society. The place is recommended for short stop for visitors who are interested in art which capture various graffiti design. Overall its one of the good way to explore town of Ipoh which after few stops to some restaurants one can enjoy exploring this artwork.

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