Join us as we explore the Ipoh Heritage Trail and discover the famous cultural heritage sites located within the city center of Ipoh, Malaysia. Once a mining state, Ipoh has transformed into a historical site after the British colonial occupation during the era. Most of the Ipoh Historical Site consists of different points of interest which include historical buildings, monuments, railway station, and clock tower. Ipoh Heritage Trail is marked with information that makes it convenient for explorers to navigate the heritage trail. So let’s take a stroll in the heart of Ipoh’s old town and perhaps indulge in the best-known restaurants and coffee shops.

Ipoh Perak Malaysia


Situated in the capital city of Perak, Ipoh Heritage Trail Sites are located within the old town. The city’s colonial heritage site are quite easy and accessible to all visitors.

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Ipoh Padang Monument
Old Town White Coffee Shop Ipoh Malaysia

Ipoh Heritage Walk takes you to the historical sites within the old town area of Ipoh. The whole journey can spend at least 1-2 hours of walking and navigating these points of interest. Ipoh Heritage Trail maps are available online or simply follow our guide as we walk you through notable landmarks around the city. Below is the list of heritage sites we visited during our visit to Ipoh, Malaysia.


Ipoh Railway Station Building

The first stop for our Ipoh Heritage Walk is the Ipoh Railway Station. Strategically located within the city center of Ipoh, the Ipoh Railway Station is one of the colonial heritage sites. The railway station was built during the British colonial period serving the terminal of Perak and connection between the north-south Malaysian railway system. Locally known as “Taj Mahal of Ipoh” this historical building also caters to a hotel named Majestic Hotel located within its premises.


War Memorial Monument Ipoh (Cenotaph)

Right next to the iconic Ipoh Railway station, Ipoh War Memorial (Cenotaph) monument was built in commemoration of the fallen soldiers during the World War period.


Ipoh Town Hall and Post Office Building

Just opposite the Ipoh War Memorial monument is the Ipoh Town Hall which is also considered one of the colonial buildings built in Ipoh. Ipoh Town Hall gains most of the attraction from tourists due to its authentic architectural design. The town hall previously houses a government office and post office until it was changed and is currently converted as an event place for special, public, and private events, and even weddings.


Ipoh High Court House - Ipoh Heritage Trail

Right next to the Ipoh Town Hall, Ipoh High Court showcase one of the unique colonial architectural design. Currently, this building still hosts the High Court for most of the serious and high case trials thus restricting any tourist to enter the ground.


Royal Ipoh Club (Kelab Ipoh Diraja)

As we continue our walk from Ipoh High Court, Royal Ipoh Club is situated just beside the building. Royal Ipoh Club was formed as a sport and social club by British residents during the colonial period. At present, Royal Ipoh Club is still around and considered to be one of the oldest clubs in Malaysia.


Ipoh Padang, Perak Malaysia

Behind the Royal Ipoh Club is the Ipoh Padang which covers the large, green, and open space area. Ipoh Padang is a famous attraction to witness various sporting events like football, frisbee, and cricket.


St Michael's Institution Ipoh Heritage Trail

While walking along the side of Ipoh Padang, across the road is St Michael’s Institution – one of the most prominent primary and secondary schools in Perak, Malaysia. This institution is run by Roman Catholics under the De La Salle religious and educational community.


Masjid India Muslim Ipoh Heritage Trail

Besides the St Michael’s Institution is the India Muslim Mosque which was built in 1903, Masjid India is considered one of the oldest mosques in Ipoh. The unique architectural design of the mosque has a large and open space for prayer for most of the Tamil Muslim community


Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Ipoh Heritage Trail

After heading to Masjid India Muslim, let’s cross the street and pass through Ipoh Padang. Located on the corner of the Jalan Sultan Yusuf and Jalan Tun Sambanthan street the old colonial building of Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank serves as the bank for most businessmen, professionals, and companies. Built-in the early 1900s, this building offers unique architecture within the old town of Ipoh.


Law Office Of Seevinagam Brother Ipoh Heritage Trail

In front of Ipoh Padang, resides the house of the well-known Seevinasagam Brothers. Seevinasagam Brothers are both lawyers with political leaders during the late 1950’s in Perak.


Birch Memorial Clock Tower Ipoh Malaysia

Right behind the Ipoh Town Hall, the tall standing Birch Memorial Clock Tower is one worth visiting place in Ipoh. The clock tower was constructed in honor of the late James Birch – the first British resident in the state of Perak.


Concubine Lane (Panglima Lama) Ipoh Malaysia

After heading to Birch Memorial Clock Tower, head straight to the small street that leads to Panglima Lane (Concubine Lane). One of the most visited places by tourists – Concubine Lane has a narrow street that consists of souvenir shops, gifts, restaurants, and a hotel. Based on its street name “Concubine” this street was the place where the mistress of wealthy Chinese merchants and British officers use to stay.


Kong Heng Coffee Shop Ipoh Heritage Trail

Right across Concubine Lane is the Kong Heng Coffee Shop which was previously a hostel intended for theater actors performing the opera show way back in late 1800’s. After the fire incident which tore down the building, it was rebuilt and currently now stands a coffee shop that serve sumptuous food delights such as Popiah, Satay, Hor Fun, Kway Teow, Rojak and famous White Coffee.


Han Chin Pet Soo (Hakka Miner's Club & Museum)

After heading to Kong Heng Coffee Shop, walk through the end of Concubine Lane, and on the left side Han Chin Pet Soo can be seen. Located near the Kinta river, Han Chin Pet Soo is a museum that showcases the history of the Hakka and the history of tin mining in Ipoh. Also known as Hakka Miners Club and Museum, this building was previously the place for the Hakka Tin Miners Club.

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