One of the best things to do when visiting Melaka is to explore its street art and murals. Like most famous street art collections in Penang and Ipoh, Malacca has large murals which are painted on the walls, shops houses, and buildings along the Malacca river. Since most of these collections are part of heritage walks in the city, visitors can walk around the street and discover the unique street arts of Malacca. Truly it is considered one of the Free things to do when you visit Melaka.

Upon exploring Malaysia, we noticed several street art collections in the famous cities of Penang, Melaka, Ipoh, Muar, and Kuala Lumpur. Each of these cities offers distinct characteristics of the street art design that often reflect the unique culture of Malaysia. Visitors who are fond of exploring this artistic design will find it mesmerizing. Most of the so-called dead alleys are turned into life because of these vibrant attractions.

Melaka is a city of history, and the addition of its street art and murals creates an amazing story. Visitors find the creative design reflects the local culture and history of the place.

#1 Jalan Tukang Besi

One of the most familiar destinations in Melaka Street Art design is the Melaka 3D Street Art located right next to Jonker Street. This interesting multi-color painting was painted on the wall of Kiehl’s building by the local artist-Mohd Anuar (fritilldea). This street art is the most visited place and is considered an Instagram-friendly spot in Melaka.

Right next to Kiehl’s building is the Orangutan House where a large orange-colored Orangutan is painted on the wall. Inside this Orangutan house is a local gallery shop selling arts and t-shirts designed by Charles Cham.

#2 Jalan Hang Kasturi

While walking around the street of Jalan Hang Kasturi, visitors will find several wall paintings. The presence of the red lantern hanging on the street and the unique street art design makes it a good backdrop for taking photos.


Most of the Melaka street art collection can be found in the narrow alleyways along the side of Jalan Kampung Kuli. The art collection was commonly called Melaka Street Art (The Well) due to the art resembles the 3D art museum. Some sample art collection here depicts the local story and history of the lives in Melaka.


Walking on the side of the Melaka river, visitors will notice unique murals painted on the walls of the cafe and restaurant shops. Some of the street art in Malacca shows the different races coming from Malay, Chinese and Indian working in cultural harmony in Malaysia. Visitors taking the river cruise can fully witness the colorful view of the murals and design.


Strolling further north of the riverside, a visitor will discover some amazing street art. One of the street art collections along the riverside are the walls painted with cultural history.

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