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Lets us head for an island adventure and discover Camiguin Tourist Spots destination which includes beach, waterfalls, springs, volcanoes, and its historical places. Camiguin Island is one of the islands in the Philippines which is located in the Southeastern region part of the country. The island is known for its number of tourist spots attractions that every individual love to visit and hang around. Camiguin Island is well visited mostly by families who are looking for all in one activity. It also provides a fresh atmosphere, friendly locals and a clean environment. The island is also perfect for individuals who want to relax and be with nature.

Pumpboat At White Island Camiguin


Camiguin Island is off the coast of Gingoog Bay located at the northern end of the Philippines which is part of Northern Mindanao. The island is relatively in between the Balingoan-Misamis Occidental and Bohol.


Super Ferry To Camiguin Island
How To Go to Camiguin Island

There are two (2) ways on heading to Camiguin Island; plane and ferry.

A. Currently only Cebu Pacific airlines operate between Manila via Cebu to Camiguin-Mambajao (2x week) and direct Cebu to Camiguin-Mambajao (4x week). Manila to Cebu flights will take 1 hr 30 mins, and Cebu to Camiguin will be around 55 minutes.
B. If you are coming from Cagayan de Oro can ride a bus to the town of Balingoan which is around a 2-3 hours ride from Cagayan de Oro. Alight and head to Balingoan Port and take a ferry ride which takes roughly 1 hour to reach the port of Benoni-Camiguin.
C. Visitors coming from Bohol, there is a ferry service that operates from Jagna-Bohol to Balbagon-Camiguin which takes 3-4 hours of ferry travel.


Camiguin Tourist Spots Map


Camiguin Sign
Camiguin Island View
Coastal Road At Camiguin Island


Mantigue Island Camiguin Tourist Spots

Mantigue Island is considered the island paradise in Camiguin with its pristine white sand and clear water. A beautiful small island that has a fish sanctuary and forested area ideal for a small hike. The island is a 20-minutes boat ride from the coastal town of Mahinog. With sparkling blue waters, the island is perfect for snorkeling activities and diving. There are rental chairs, tables, and even a small cottage for visitors to chill around. Do note that there are no restaurants or shops on the island, hence visitors must bring their own food. The island is must visit place for tourists visiting Camiguin Island.

Mantigue Island At Camiguin Tourist Spots Destination


Katibawasan Falls At Camiguin
Katibawasan Falls Camiguin Island

The most stunning waterfall in Camiguin is the Katibawasan Falls which tourists don’t want to miss out on. The falls are around 80 meters above the ground which it makes magnificent to see from afar when the water falls down on the ground. The water is clean and the place is quite refreshing with the surrounding mountains and trees. Visitors can head down for a swim around the waterfalls, but the water can be cold due to the strong wind and pressure of the falls. Heading to the falls requires private transportation which is about 20 mins from the main road.


Old Church Ruins Camiguin Tourist Spots
Old Church Ruins Camiguin Tourist Spots

Located along the highway of Catarman, this historical church of Gui-ob was once a town church. But due to the volcanic eruption, the church was burned down into ashes leaving only the church walls, convent, and bell tower. The remains of the old church become the iconic symbol of Camiguin island’s rich history. Since then it was transformed into a tourist attraction where visitors check the ruins of the church. Upon entering the church, visitors will be greeted with the wide-open space, green surroundings, and the sturdy wall structures leftover time. Visitors can take wonderful pictures and considered a place IG friendly.


Sunken Cemetery Camiguin Tourist Spots

Sunken Cemetery is of popular tourist attraction which was used to be a place for the dead, but due to the volcano eruption and erosion of soil, the graves were buried underwater. The standing cross built offshore serves as the remembrance of the place. Now, it is one of the famous tourist spots when in Camiguin where visitors can head to the cross. When the tide is low, visitors can see the remains of the tomb surfacing from the water. Around the area, there are many souvenir shops selling goods and even dried food items.


Walkway To Old Volcano Camiguin Tourist Spots

The Walkway to the Old Volcano as the name implies means the path that leads to the location of the old volcano in Camiguin. Once reached the top, a great view of the ocean and nearby mountains. While walking along the staircase, visitors will notice human statues every few meters. These statues symbolize the Catholic faith in remembrance of the Station of the Cross.


White Island Camiguin

One of the most visited tourist spots in Camiguin is the White Island, located 15 minutes from the shore of Yumbing. From Yumbing this can be seen as a small piece of an island, hence it was coined by locals as “White Island”. Getting there requires a small boat with only 3-4 passengers allowed. Once reached, this islet consists of a long sandbar where visitors can swim along the enclosed area. There is no shelter on the island aside from the rented umbrella and mat. It can be very hot during midday so visitors are advised to bring skin protection. We recommend visiting the islet during the early morning, the island accepts visitors as early as 7:00 AM.

White Island Camiguin


  • Wear light and lose clothing like fabrics rich in cotton which help your body feel comfortable.
  • When heading out of the sun, don’t forget to apply sunscreen to lessen the UV radiation.
  • Hydrate and drink lots of water to help your body cool down.


Cliff View of Camiguin

Having visited Camiguin, it was true that Camiguin Tourist Spots destination are one kind places to visit. Camiguin Islands offers individuals different tourist attractions like beaches, islands, springs, mountains, and waterfalls. The island paradise is considered a perfect family vacation with friendly locals and good food. Individuals who are used to living in the city will find the island peaceful, with less or no traffic, and having a clean, fresh atmosphere. So come on down and explore Camiguin and taste the special fruit of Lanzones and yummy Pastel.

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