Jump off the boat and let’s explore Mantigue Island-must visit the island in Camiguin known for its crystal clear blue water and fine white sand. With only 20 minutes boat journey from the Camiguin Island, it is considered as of the Tourist Spots in Camiguin Island. Mantigue Island offers the best way to spend the day of snorkeling while enjoying the beach view. Discover the island’s unspoiled wonders like the marine sanctuary and forested area. So come over and bring your family or friends to enjoy the island’s paradise.

Mantigue Island in Camiguin


Mantigue Island in Camiguin is located around 20 minutes boat ride from the shore of San Roque which is one of the barangay in the municipality of Mahinog-Camiguin.


Small Boat At Shore of San Rafael,Mahinog

To get to Mantigue Island, head to the jump-off point where tourists will need to rent a small boat. The small boat locally known as “Bangka” can carry 4 passengers to the island. The boat terminal is located 150 meters from the main road of San Roque-Mahinog. The two-way fare of Php 450 per passenger and an environmental fee of Php 50 per person while discounts will be given to children and senior citizens. Visitors will need to secure the tickets from the ticket counter and then the boat number will be assigned to the passengers. Upon riding on the boat, all passengers are required to wear life-vest.


Heading To Mantigue Island in Camiguin
Mantigue Island in Camiguin
Forrested Area Mantigue Island


Cottage At Mantigue Island

There are small huts and sheltered areas on the island, rentals of the sheltered area range from Php 300. There are also trees and mangroves on the island that provides shade from the hot sun.


View Of Mount Mambajao Seen From Mantigue Island

From the island, the view of Mount Mambajao can be seen towering on the island of Camiguin. Mount Mambajao is one of the non-active volcanoes which erupted more than centuries ago.


Mantigue Island Camiguin Tourist Spots
  • Wear light and lose clothing like fabrics rich in cotton which help your body feel comfortable
  • When heading out of the sun, don’t forget to apply sunscreen to lessen the UV radiation
  • Hydrate and drink lots of water to help your body cool down
  • To maintain cleanliness, tourists are advised to clean as they leave by bringing their trash.
  • Smoking is not allowed on the Mantigue Island


Mantigue Island Eagles Club

Mantigue Island in Camiguin is indeed the island’s paradise With its crystal clear water white sands and sheltered trees. Aside from that island is also clean, which makes it a good way to walk around and enjoy the beautiful scenery. It is a must place to visit for all tourists visiting Camiguin Island. Do note that tourists are only allowed to stay until 5 pm, as the island prohibits visitors from staying overnight. Also during peak periods, visitors are allowed to stay within 4 hours on the island to accommodate other visitors and avoid overcrowding. Camiguin Island also boast the White Island with its powdery white sands and long stretch of sand bar. Please go and check our guide to Camiguin Island Tourist spots such as waterfalls, springs, volcanoes and historical places.

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