Here we show the list of things to do in Malacca for FREE. Located in the southern region of Malaysia, Malacca City is rich in culture and vibrant landscapes are readily available for all visitors. For an avid traveler, exploring the city can get expensive and with the current situation, travelers are trying to save as much as possible. Since Malacca tourist attractions are located nearby, simply by walking around one can fully enjoy the travel experience. So if you are traveling on a tight budget, explore the best of Malacca for FREE


Welcome To Jonker Walk - Jonker Street Night Market

Jalan Hang Jabat also known as Jonker Street is one of the most visited tourist spots in Malacca. This heritage street is filled with shops selling foods, eateries, min-stalls, and antique and souvenirs items. Visitors could enjoy a leisurely fun experience walking along this busy street. Jonker Street gets more packed with crowds with its weekend night market which happens every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The street will be close to vehicles and visitors can walk over to the wide array of food stalls, and souvenir items lining up the street. Jonker Street Night Market is one of the main attractions in Malacca where can just walk around for FREE while enjoying the good vibrant vibes and atmosphere.


Melaka Straits Mosque

Despite its isolated location, visitors still manage to visit Melaka Straits Mosque. Melaka Straits Mosque was built on the stilts above the sea water which is often referred to as a floating mosque when the water level is on high tide. It is one of the most-visited mosques in Melacca where most of the visitors attend for prayers and celebrate festive occasions. It also serves as a tourist attraction due to its architectural design and breathtaking view.


Malacca Street Art Japanese Women and Cab

One of the interesting things to do for FREE in Malacca is to check its unique Street Art and Murals. Street photographers and artists will find some of the best art paintings on the walls and some corners of the street. Most of the street art collections are represents the history and daily scenes of the locals of Malacca. It is a great place to take selfies making it a good Instagram-worthy place for all visitors.

Melaka Street Art Keihls Murals


Chist Church Malaka
Melaka Clock Tower

A visit won’t be complete without checking the Dutch Square, which marks the most famous landmark in Malacca. The striking red paintings on the building were the remnants of the colonial Dutch occupation of Malacca. This beautiful historical architecture serves as a common spot with mixed tourist and local visitors. Most of the popular buildings located around the square are Christ Church, Clock Tower, Water Fountain, and Stadhuys. Strolling along, visitors will find several food stalls, merchandise, and trishaws around.


Melaka River Walk Things To Do For Free

Malacca River Walk experience is one of a kind for all visitors to consider on both day and night. Malacca River is kept clean and maintained by the authorities and honestly, there are no foul smells on it. The river’s calm water makes it a habitat for different animals such as fish, otters, and monitor lizards. Visitors will find interesting walk upon check the huge murals on the buildings.

Mallaca River Cruise At Night

Walking at night, colorful neon lights, cafe shops, and resto’s come out making a good place for visitors to chill along the riverside.


Cheng Hong Teng Temple

Malacca has several heritage temples and mosques and most of them are FREE to visit. Since Malacca is a multi-racial environment there are mixed Chinese, Malay, and Indian religious sites available in Malacca. Cheng Hoon Teng Temple, Kampung Kling Mosque, and Sri Poyyatha Vinayaga Moor Temple are just the three interesting temples to visit for FREE. Most of these religious sites are built for quite some time making them more unique and historical.

Masjid Kampung Kling


Bukit Of St Paul Malacca Things To Do For Free

Located on one of the hills of Malacca, St. Paul Church is the oldest church built on 1520. The church serves as a religious place and in helping to spread Christianity within the region. Its great architecture and the ruins of the building make it a great place to take good photos. On the hill, visitors can see the panoramic view of the Malacca Straits while enjoying the breeze of the wind.

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