Siargao Land Day Tour Activities

Check our guide to Siargao Land Day Tour activities and indulge in a fun-filled activity discovering the sights and sounds of Siargao Island. Experience the ride along the famous Coconut road filled with endless palm trees, take a plunge into the mini-pool lagoon of Magpupungko Rock Falls, or just grab swimwear and surf on the waves of Pacifico Beach and Cloud 9. Visitors who don’t have private transportation can consider the land tour package offered by different travel agencies. Not only convenient but also saves the hustle and time of exploring the island paradise. The land tour offers to see amazing sites making it the best option to catch the beauty of Siargao Island in a day.

Coconut View On Road Siargao Island


During the tour, one must expect to wet so prepare items such as your swimwear, extra clothes, sunblock, drybags, water, snacks, and money.


Tricycle Along Road of Siargao
Road Direction In Coconut View Siargao


Magpupungko Rock Pools Siargao Island

One of the most visited land tour activities in Siargao is the Magpupungko Rock Pools where one can witness the amazing rock formation alongside its crystal clear lagoon. The lagoon offers visitors a relaxing experience while swimming in cool water next to the ocean. To enjoy your visit, visitors are encouraged to visit during low tide to get the best scenery and adventure

#2 CLOUD 9

Cloud 9 Boardwalk

A visit to Siargao Island is not complete without checking its famous Cloud 9 surfing area. It is a widely known place for all surfers to converge to catch great waves. Most of the visitors head down to the boardwalk to capture professional surfers gliding through the waves. Also it is the best place to appreciate the relaxing wind while waiting for the sun to set.


Coconut View Deck Siargao Island Land Tour

Along the way, your land tour activity will pass by the overlooking view of the coconut trees with a stunning view of the mountain in the background. Located on the side of the road, visitors will need to alight to take a glance at the endless scenery.


Maasin River Siargao Land Tour

Maasin River is also one of the highlights of the tour, which is known for its adventure-leaping activity on the bent palm tree. Visitors who are not into thrill-seeking activity can take on a canoe ride exploring the riverside.


Paghungawan Marsh Siargao

Paghungawan Marsh is the habitat of the endangered crocodiles in the Philippines. It was in 2013 when the government release 36 endangered crocodiles into the wild of Panghungawan Marsh. On your land tour activity, one can stop and head on the terrace which was built to spot some crocodiles.


Pacifico Beach Siargao

Another place for surfers to converge is Pacifico beach, a home for most beginner surfers who want to learn how to surf. It was named Pacifico since it is directly facing the Pacific Ocean, but the waves here are not that high compared to Cloud 9. Aside from surfing, visitors gathering around the area can experience good vibes while enjoying good food at some restaurants.


Alegria Beach Siargao Island

Alegria Beach is a long stretch of sandy beach located in the northern part of Siargao ideal for swimming. Since it is quite far from the main town, the beach is not that crowded. Hence it is best for visitors who wish to unwind while enjoying the view of its crystal clear water. Along the shore are some palm trees and nipa huts that provide good shade and shelter. Aside from being clean, one can notice its fine-grain sand while walking along the beach.


One Million Dollar View Siargao Land Tour Activity

One of the quick-stop over during your land tour activity in Siargao is checking on the One Million Dollar View. Located just beside the road in the town of Burgos, locals refer to this spot as One Million Dollar View because it offers a picturesque view of the ocean and beachline.


So next time when you visit Siargao, take the opportunity to avail on the fun-filled activities offered by land-tour packages. Sometimes the driver also serve as the friendly guide to all in order to fully enjoy the activity. There are online agency and tour operators available like Klook which even free pickup from the hotel.

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