Discover the things to do in Kyoto in a day, visit Kyoto’s bamboo forest, climb the top of Mt. Inari, walk streets of Gion and authentic local desserts. Check our Kyoto Day Tour activity and itinerary as we visit Kyoto’s famous landmarks and explore the world-renowned UNESCO heritage sites. Also indulging in Kyoto’s experience on local authentic Matcha desserts. The city of Kyoto is known for its historical shrines, Buddhist temples, Zen of gardens, and ancient wooden Ryokan houses. Join us we explore things to do in Kyoto, Japan.

Things To Do In Kyoto At Kiyomizudera Temple


Kyoto is located in the Kansai region of Japan which is a part of the Keihanshin area. It is about 56 km northeast from the city of Osaka, and 460 km southeast of Tokyo.


Kyoto Emmachi Station
Willer Express Overnight Bus To Kyoto

The fastest way to travel to Kyoto from Tokyo is by riding the bullet train. The bullet train could travel up to the speed of 210km/h which is equivalent to around 2 hours and 20 minutes of travel. It was blazing fast and efficient for travelers who require to reach Kyoto on time. Since it is the fastest way, the one-way ticket would cost you around ¥13,000. One of the train operators is the JR Shinkansen.

Kyoto doesn’t have airlines that operate between Tokyo, the nearest city will be at Osaka. There are two airlines company that operates locally to Osaka from Tokyo, namely Jetstar and Peach and the average one-way ticket fare will at ¥6000.

Night Bus

The cheapest way to travel from Tokyo to Kyoto is to take the night bus. There are two (2) known bus company that operates Willer and Kosoko bus. The bus will usually depart at 9:00 pm and arrive at 5:30 am the next day. Average one-way ticket fare will be at ¥5,000 (depending on the season)

For us, if you are saving for hotel accommodation and willing to sleep overnight on the bus, then the best budget-friendly travel to Kyoto will be the overnight bus.


Things To Do In Kyoto In A Day
Torii Gates of Fushimi Inari Kyoto Japan Day Tour Activity and Itinerary
Things To Do In Kyoto At Katsura River


Bamboo Forest Japan Day Tour Activity and Itinerary
Japanese Kimono in Bamboo Forest Kyoto

It is a natural bamboo forest consist of walkways, which is a peaceful and serene place to visit.

How To Get There:
Located in the western part of Kyoto, which can be accessed through train from Kyoto station, and alighting at Saga-Arashimaya station. It is approximately 20 minutes of travel consisting of 7 train stops. After alighting Saga-Arashimaya station, a 15 minutes’ walk will get you to the entrance of the bamboo forest.

Entrance Fee: FREE
Opening Hours:  5:30 AM – 11:30 PM (MON-SUN, except for PH)


Kiyomizu-dera Temple Kyoto Japan Day Tour Activity and Itinerary

This is a Buddhist temple where it is one of the must-see attractions in Kyoto. The temple was a UNESCO World Heritage site.

How To Get There
Temple is located in the eastern part of Kyoto, which is easy can be accessed if you are taking a bus from the Kyoto Station. There is a city bus that operates from Kyoto station to the foot of this temple, the bus stop is located just outside of Kyoto station-Kyoto Eki Mae and the bus number that operates are 100,110,106 and 206. It is around 15 minutes of travel and consist of 7 bus stops to reach the foot of the temple. From the bus stop, a 15 minutes hike will reach you on the main entrance of the temple.

Entrance Fee: ¥600/person
Opening Hours:
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (MON-SUN, except for PH)


Mt Inari City View of Kyoto Japan Day Tour Activity and Itinerary

Fushimi Inari Shrine is one of the famous tourist attractions in Kyoto. At the main entrance, a large standing Torri gate will be seen, and as you walk along the hundreds or even thousands of orange-colored Torri gates will be along the path. Exploring the shrine and climbing would require comfy shoes if you are willing to hike on top of Mt. Inari. The will take approximately around 45-60 minutes to reach the top but depends on the pace.

How To Get There
The shrine is located in the southern part of Kyoto, which is just 3 train stops from Kyoto Station. Most of the people alight at Fushimi-Inari Station and head for a walk at about 5 minutes to the main entrance of the shrine.

Entrance Fee: FREE
Opening Hours: Open 24 hours


Kinkakuji Temple (Golden Pavillion) in Kyoto Japan Day Tour Activity and Itinerary

It is the top one most visited place in Kyoto, and highly recommended by most of the travel blogs. Even me, I was amazed when I save the beauty and picturesque view of the temple. The two-story of the temple is covered with real gold leaf, which makes it outshines on a beautiful sunny day. This temple is the place where the Buddhist come to visit, relax, and pray.

How To Get There
Temple is located on the further northern part of Kyoto, riding a train from Kyoto Station via the Keihan Lien and alighting at Demachiyanagi Station. From there walk about 5 minutes to the nearest bus stop and ride the bus no. 102. This bus will take you to the nearest bus stop of Kinkaku-ji which is 9 bus stop away. Travel time will around 20 minutes.

Entrance Fee: ¥600/person
Opening Hours:  9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (MON-SUN, except for PH)


Kinkakuji Soft Ice Cream special in house ice cream shop is selling this soft ice cream with gold on it. The ice cream consists of matcha green tea, sweet red beans, rice cake ball, and real gold which made us curious about it. So we decided and tried the vanilla flavor, the taste of the ice cream as a normal flavor which you can buy at a different ice cream shop but what it makes special is the gold plated which is added on the top.
Price: ¥880
Opening Hours: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM (MON-SUN, except for PH)

If you love ice cream and want to experience another flavor then you must try the matcha ( means coming from green tea leaves) ice cream. It was delicious, a combination of bitterness and sweetness but it’s well combined. You can really feel the matcha goodness after eating the ice cream. Maccha House Maccha-kan is Located 500m from the Kiyomizudera Temple, this local shop offers. The matcha tiramisu cake was totally delectable. A different kind of dessert where they put some pinches of green tea on top, the second layer was like a vanilla flavor and the bottom was like a chiffon cake. It was mouthwatering and melts in your mouth. While eating, you can feel the sweetness, a bit of bitterness, and the happiness that finally you have tasted a delicious authentic dessert.
Price: ¥900
Opening Hours: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM (MON-SUN)


View of Sanneizaka Sannenzaka of Kyoto Kyoto Japan Day Tour Activity and Itinerary
Kyoto Maple Leaf

Hopefully we are able to prpvide the things to do in Kyoto in day, in your visit you can experience this activity. Kyoto Day Trip Activity exploring famous landmarks and sites in Kyoto. We are mesmerized by the city of Kyoto, from the Japanese Ryokan house where we stayed overnight, to the shrines that we have visited, to the beautiful views and the delicious food that we have tasted. Definitely, a must place to visit in Japan. We love the place and have witnessed the Japanese culture and tradition especially the wearing of kimono, though we haven’t tried wearing it. We have seen how courteous the Japanese people and how they welcomed tourists. Below are the highlights of our Kyoto Day Trip activity and itinerary for your reference.

Connect with Us
  • 05:30   Arrived at Kyoto Station G2 Platform
                 Overnight Bus: Willer Night Bus
                 Head to Kyoto Train Station
  • 06:00  Early Breakfast at McDonald’s, Kyoto
  • 06:45  Ride train at Kyoto Station
                Head to Inari
  • 07:15   Arrive at Inari Station
                Leave Bag at Station Lockers
                Paid: Y600
  • 07:30  Head to Fushi-mi Inari Temple
                Explore the Torii Gates
                Reach the top of Mt. Inari
  • 09:30  Ride train at Inari Station
  • 10:15    Alight Demachiyanagi Station
                At Bus Stop: Demachi Yanagi Eki mae
                Bus No. 102
                Head to Kinkaku-ji (9 bus stop)
  • 10:45   Alight Bus Stop: Kinkakujimichi
                Walk 200m entrance of Kinkaku-ji
                Explore Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavillion)
                Entrance Fee: Y600
  • 11:30    Ride Bus to Arashimaya
                Walk to Bus Stop: Kinkakuji No.22
                Ride Bus No:
  • 12:15    Alight Emmachi Bus Stop
                Walk to Emmachi Train Station
                Ride Train to Arashimaya
                Alight at Arashimaya
                Walk 500m towards Bamboo Forest
                Explore and check Tenryuji Temple
  • 13:20   Walk to Togetsu-kyō Bridge
                Check Katsura River
                Head Back and ride train
                Ride train Arashimaya
  • 14:30   Alight Karasuma
                 Walk 100m to Nishiki Market
                 Late Lunch at Family Mart
  • 14:45   Walk to Gion
                 Hanamikoji St
  • 16:30   Walk to Kiyomizu-dera Temple
                Explore and check city view of Kyoto
  • 17:30   Walk to Ninezike Street
                Maccha House – Maccha Tiramisu
                Starbucks- Soy Latte
  • 18:00  Walk to Gion train station
                Ride train at Gion-Shijo Station
  • 18:30   Alight at Inari
                Collect Baggage at Coin Lockers
  • 18:45   Walk to Hotel
                Stay In KOTO

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