Let us explore the best of Baganga Tourist Spots and attractions including San Victor Island, Lake Cartagena, Campawan Falls, and Poo Sandbar. Situated on the southeastern side of Mindanao, Baganga is one of the coastal municipalities in the province of Davao Oriental. The coastal highway provides scenic views of the beaches and mangrove forest which faces the Pacific Ocean. Baganga offers tourists one of the complete travel destinations from its long stretch of white sand beach to the majestic waterfalls.

Sunrise Boulevard Baganga Tourist Spots
Blue Waters At San Victor Island Baganga


Baganga is one of the coastal municipalities in the province of Davao Oriental situated on the southeastern side of Mindanao.


Welcome To Davao Oriental

Baganga is around a 5-6 hrs ride from Davao City via the Compostela Valley access road.
1. Ride a plane to Davao, arrive at Davao International Airport
2. Take a taxi to Davao Bus Terminal.
3. At the Bus Terminal, ride a bus bound for Baganga. Travel time: 5~6 hours | Bus Fare: Php 450
We highly recommended hiring private transport when heading to Baganga, we noticed there are few public transports heading to Baganga and the timing is limited. When heading to Baganga via the Compostela-Cateel Road, visitors can check on Yatz Kapehan, one-stop coffee shop that offers great view of mountain ranges nearby.


San Victor Island Baganga Tourist Spots


Baganga Tourist Spots Resort Cartagena Lake Carolina

Resort Cartagena is one of the must-visit places when you are in Baganga, Davao Oriental. Located along the national road, Resort Cartagena also called Lake Carolina is a creek waterway made up of a mixture between salt water and fresh river water. On a fine sunny day, the lake’s stunning blue-green color of water offers a perfect scene for relaxation. The water in the lake is clean and cold which great for swimming. The resort has a cottage that accommodates group gatherings between friends or families. The resort’s day tour Entrance fee is Php 50.00 and cottage rates start at Php 300.00, they also offer overnight rates at Php 75.00 and room accommodation from Php 2,000.00. Lake Carolina is one of the best places for nature lover who loves to dip into cold spring water.


Baganga Tourist Spots Sunrist Boulevard

Located on the coastal road of Baganga, Davao Oriental, Sunrise Boulevard Park is one of the must-stop-over places for tourists visiting Baganga. Sunrise Boulevard Park provides the remnants of the mangrove trees that stood still after the devastation of typhoon Pablo that happen in 2012. The mangrove trees defended the Baganga’s shore during the typhoon surge which tells us about resiliency and nature’s destruction. Now the old trees provide a great place and scenery for photo shoots, especially in the early morning. Visitors will find the place full of tranquility given the surrounding place is clean and considered well maintained.


San Victor Island Crystal Clear Waters

San Victor Island is one of the most visited island beach resorts located in the area of ​​Baganga, Davao Oriental. The island’s 3-hectare space covers a resort, house, and accommodation known as San Victor Island Retreat and Formation Center which is owned by the Catholic bishop of Mati City. The island also offers a place for retreats, seminars, team-building activities, wedding events, etc. San Victor Island Baganga is an island paradise situated a few minutes away from the coastal road with its predominantly white sand and crystal clear water.


Campawan Falls is one of the tourist spots in Baganga where the waterfall forms in the shape of a curtain, thus it was also called Curtain Falls. Located a few kilometers from the main road Surigao-Davao Coastal road, the road to the falls consist of rough roads and a few meters of hiking to reach the falls. Once reached, the visitor will find nature’s beauty which is worth the visit. There are cottages available around the falls, where tourists can sit back and relax. Tourists can dip in the waterfalls and swim but during heavy rains, it advises to take extra precautions as the water levels rise.


Aliwagwag Falss

Aliwagwag Falls is one of the stop-over places for tourists traveling from Compostela to Cateel Road. The falls are conveniently situated beside the road and crossing the Aliwagwag bridge. Aliwagwag Falls consists of cascading waterfalls which makes it breath-taking to witness and listen to the waters rushing down the streams. Visitors can park on the side of the road and rush to view the falls. There are food stalls and souvenir shops next to the waterfalls, where tourists can take snacks.


Baganga Bridge

Baganga is indeed a must-go travel destination for all tourists. The town has more than enough for tourists to enjoy and witness nature’s wonders. To fully enjoy the travel experience, tourists can have a side trip to its neighboring municipalities like Cateel or Mati and discover tourist spots destination.

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