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Discover our Bali tourist travel guide as we explore Bali’s stunnning view of the cliff of Uluwatu, Tanah Lot temple, Padang beach and best of local foods We decided to have a two days getaway in one of Indonesia’s famous surfing capital-Bali.  Also to discover its stunning beaches, majestic landmarks and points of interest.  It was last 30th June 2013 when we embarked on this new adventure.

Bali is one of the island in Indonesia located at western part of Java, it is known for its beaches, rice paddies, forested mountains and home to Balinese religious sites. The place natural beauty can really capture the people because beaches have long shoreline; the pure water can make you swim, amazed by the historical landmarks and relax through their traditional Balinese massage and spa.

Summer Visit to bali

"Kota Beach Bali"

May to July is generally the recommended time to travel in Bali as this is the months of dry season. Yet it was indeed the best time since we came to Bali in June 2013 where we observed that the weather was fair and sunny for the whole two(2) days stay. On the other hand, Bali’s wet season will be expected from October to April.

All foreign nationals are required to have a passport with a minimum of six (6) months validity to enter the country. According to Indonesia Immigration, almost all countries are not required for Visa in Bali given that the equivalent number of stay in Bali will be only less than 30 days. On the other hand, Visa on Arrival that will cost US$35 is required for other countries to stay within 30 days. Once we entered the Immigration counter, the queue was long due to the influx of other foreign nationals visited that day. Since Bali, Indonesia is part of ASEAN countries, Philippine nationals are not required to obtain a visa.

how to get there

"Bali Indonesia Temple Gateway"
Fasten Seat Belt Transaltion in Indonesian Kenakan Sabuk Pengaman Selama Anda Duduk

It was past 1 pm on a Sunday afternoon when we arrived at Ngurah Rai International Airport. We booked our flight through Tiger Airways for two (2) way ticket at S$ 206/pax. It took around 2-hour and 30 minutes flight journey from Singapore. The whole flight duration was expected to be smooth as the weather were fair on that day.


Bali’s mode of transportation consists of buses, private car, taxi, and scooter/motorcycle. The cheapest way to get around in Bali is by renting a motorcycle for a day or week. Typical day rent is around US$5 excluding petrol and helmet. For us, since we were not familiar with the place, we contacted local private transport for our two (2) days visit in Bali.  It was also recommended to hire a local transport to maximize your time and ease of travel. Package price range from IDR 300,000 to 600,000 for half-day or full day tour.

Places that we have been

"Garuda Wisna Kencana Cultural Park"

Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park

Jl. Raya Uluwatu, Ungasan, Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung
Entrance Fee: IDR 125,000
Opening hours:  8:00am-10:00pm (DAILY)

Is a cultural heritage park that is located near the airport. This was our first destination in Bali and when we entered the place we noticed a large statue of what they called us Garuda Wisnu Kencana. According to the information, this symbolizes God Vishnu riding a Garuda. The statue is designed to be one of the world largest monumental statues in the world.

"Padang Padang Beach"
View from the top of Padang Beach in Bali Indonesia

Padang Padang Beach

Pecatu, South Kuta, Badung Regency
Entrance Fee: FREE
Opening Hours: 24hrs

Is one of Bali’s most famous beach known for its surfing place. It is located in the north-western coast of the islands and a kilometer southwest of the Uluwatu temple. To access the beach we have to take stairs along with rock formation along the way. We brought our extra clothes and a towel as we were ready to get wet on the beach. It was the best beach we have been in Bali due to its wondrous waves and stunning sandy shores.

View of Uluwatu Cliff Facing Ocean

Uluwatu Temple

Pecatu, South Kuta, Badung Regency
Entrance Fee: IDR 30,000
Opening Hours: 7:00am-7:00pm (DAILY)

Is a Balinese Hindu sea temple located in the place called Uluwatu. It is facing the Indian Ocean and it has a steep cliff which is approximately 70 meters above sea level. It was almost sunset when we arrived at Uluwatu Temple and we were able to witness the spectacular view of the setting of the sun. The place was so scenic and the sound of the waves were hitting the cliff as a remarkable piece of nature.

"Tanah Lot Temple Bali"

Tanah Lot Temple

Beraban, Kediri, Tabanan Regency
Entrance Fee: IDR 60,000
Opening Hours: 7:00am-7:00pm (DAILY)

It is Bali’s ancient Hindu pilgrimage temple located on northern part of the island. It is facing the sea where there is huge rock formation and ridges are created due to the high impact of waves. We arrived at the place in the morning and noticed a number of Indonesian local visited the temple for pilgrimage.

View of Kota Beach in Bali Indonesia

Kuta Beach

Kuta, Badung Regency
Entrance Fee: FREE
Opening Hours: 24 hrs

Our visit to Bali will not be complete without a visit to its internationally known long-stretch of sandy beach. It is a very popular location for those people who do water sports activities and surfing. It was midday afternoon when we arrived at Kuta beach, there were people swimming on the beach, surfing, and some souvenir shops.

where we stay

We booked our hotel through Expedia and checked in at Atanaya Hotel for one(1) night stay. It is a 10 mins drive from famous Legian Street and Seminyak Beach.

The Atanaya Hotel
Jl. Sunset Road 88A, Kuta
Room Type: Standard with free breakfast
Room Rate: S$55/night

Local Foods we have eaten

"Babi Guling Ibu Oka Suckling Pig in Ubod Bali"
"Babi Guiling Roasted Suckling Pig"
"Jimbaran Beach Seafood Dinner"

Ibu Oka
Jalan Tegal Sari No. 2, Ubud Tengah

We took our lunch at Ubod, Bali’s famous Babi Guling restaurant. Babi Guling (aka Suckling Pig ) is the Balinese style of roasting a pig. The crispiness of the pork skin and tender meat was good when tasted the meal. It was served together with rice, pork sauce, and vegetable as a side dish.

Jimbaran Beach

After a long afternoon exploring Bali, we went for a dinner at the famous Jimbaran Beach were a number of restaurant fronting the beach offers seafood. We ordered shrimp, fish, port and the taste was definitely good and mouthwatering.

Sunset View in Uluwatu Cliff in Bali Indonesia


We definitely love Bali and if there is an opportunity to come back, we will. It was a relaxing vacation where we can feel the harmonious people wherever we go. It was peaceful and calm upon exploring the places that we can also feel the natural air. A trip where we can get rid of a busy city life and the time was slow that we can enjoy our activities.

After exploring Bali’s attractive landmarks you can indulge in their Indonesian food which comes in different varieties which is totally good. Bali is a paradise where you can soak up on its gorgeous white sand and visit their religious Gods in the temple. Our flight back to Singapore was at 5:30 pm on 1st July. I was a quick two-day getaway visit to Bali, we hope you have greate time checking our Bali Tourist Travel Guide.

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Bali Tourist
Travel Guide and Itinerary


  • 10:20am Depart Singapore
                     Tiger Airways RI 835
  • 12:55pm  ETA Bali
                     Denpasar Airport
                     Immigration Clearance
  • 01:30pm Meet with Local Guide
                     Ride Air-Conditioned Van
  • 02:15pm Garuda Wisnu Kencana
                     Entrance Fee: IDR 30,000
  • 03:00pm Padang Padang Beach
  • 04:30pm 3rd Stop
                      Uluwatu Temple
                      Entrance Fee: IDR 30,000
  • 06:30pm Dinner
                      Jimbaran Beach
  • 08:00pm Head to Hotel
                      The Attanaya Hotel
  • 09:00pm Head to Kuta
                      Watch Live Band
  • 10:30pm  Head back to Hotel       
  • 11:00pm   Rest and Sleep


  • 07:00am Wake Up.Ready
  • 07:30am Buffet Breakfast
  • 09:00am Check Out Hotel
                      Meet Local Guide
                      Pickup Hotel 
  • 09:30:am Tanah Lot Temple
                      Entrance Fee: IDR 60,000
  • 10:30am  Ubod
  • 11:00am   Lunch – Ibu Oka
                      Babi Guling
  • 12:30pm  Ubod Boutique
                      Souvenir Shops
  • 01:30pm  Kuta Beach
  • 04:00pm Head to Airport
  • 04:30pm  ETA Airport
  • 05:30pm Early Dinner
  • 06:55pm Depart Bali
                     Tiger Airways RI 834
  • 09:30pm ETA Singapore
  • 10:30pm  Home

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