Join us we discover the things to do in Hakone in our day tour activity. Visit Lake Ashi, ride the cable car to Owakudani, take a bite on black eggs and experience a unique onsen treat. Japan’s popular weekend local and tourist destination-Hakone. Explore its famous landmark’s natural beauty, mountainous town, and the famous volcano “Mt. Fuji” which can be seen on a clear day. Follow us as we share the things to do in Hakone in a day.

National Park Hakone Behind Lake Ashi Hakone Day Tour Activity


Hakone is located on the mountainous area of Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. It is geographically situated on the southwestern part of Tokyo, which is about 80 km from Tokyo.


Odakyu Hakone Train Station Hakone Day Tour Activity
"Hakone Street View Hakone Day Tour Activity"

The fastest way to go to Hakone is by train, if you are coming from Tokyo below are the two (2) train services that travel to Hakone.

1. Limited Express (Romancecar)
This is the fastest way to reach Hakone in just about 80 minutes. The train will depart from Shinjuku station and it will terminate at Hakone-Yumoto station which is the base of the Hakone journey. Romancecar is a reserved seat train which means the ticket you purchase will allocate your seat for the whole duration of the travel. And since this is a reserved seat there is an additional ¥1110 on top of the ¥1220 regular train ticket.
One-way ticket: ¥2330

2. Rapid Express
It is the second-fastest way to reach Hakone, which consists only of fewer train station stops. Total travel time will be around 1 hr. and 30 minutes, this train departs at Shinjuku station and terminate at Odawara station. From Odawara station, you need to ride the Local Hakone-Yumoto train to reach the Hakone-Yumoto station in about 14 minutes.
One-way ticket: ¥1220


Things To Do in Hakone


Hakone Lake Ashi on Winter Hakone Day Tour Activity

A lake that was formed after the eruption of Mt. Hakone. It is one of the beautiful views of the mountains and trees where you can see Mt. Fuji and Hakone Shrine. However, we are not lucky to see Mt. Fuji because it was winter. We had a wonderful sightseeing on our cruise by the lake for 30 mins and we highly recommend you go for a cruise to appreciate Lake Ashi.

How To Get To Lake Ashi:
After alighting at Hakone Yumoto station, walk on the opposite side of the road where the shuttle bus stop is located. One of the buses will direct you to Lake Ashi through the Motohakone route bus.


"Hakone Torii Gate behind Lake Ashi Hakone Day Tour Activity"
"Motohakone Park Rules of Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park-Hakone Day Tour Activity"

It is a Japanese shrine, located near the shore of Lake Ashi. They say the shrine was built by a monk and has subdued a nine-headed dragon that lived at the bottom of the lake. One of the famous spots for tourists in Hakone.

How To Get There
After alighting at Hakone Yumoto station, walk along the opposite side of the road where there are buses that cater directly to Motohakone. Bus travel time is approximately 15 mins. Once reach Motohakone, walk for about 10 minutes to reach the place.


Hakone Owakudani Vulcanic Ash Hakone Day Tour Activity

It is an active volcano where sulfur fumes can be experienced. Visiting Owakudani would not be complete without eating black boiled eggs and is believed to add 5 years to a person’s life span. Also, Owakudani is the perfect place to view Mt Fuji.

How To Get There
There are two ways on how to reach Owakudani; the first is through the Hakone Ropeway ride that runs along the Gora-Sounzan route; while the second one will be through Hakone Ropeway that runs between Togendai.


Hakone Yuryo Private Onsen Hakone Day Tour Activity
Hakone Private Onsen Bath Hakone Day Tour Activity

It is one of the famous Onsen in Hakone, where they offer both public and private bath experiences. Exploring Hakone would not be complete without experiencing the famous “Onsen”, (Japanese hot water spring) bath. We went to visit one of Hakone’s recommended onsen-Hakone Yuryo. Since, it was winter in Japan, what a good time to end our visit to Hakone is to soak on an onsen bath. The place offers public and private bath which for us we had chosen the private one. Onsen was very hot and relaxing after a day tour.Since, it was winter in Japan, what a good time to end our visit to Hakone is to soak on an onsen bath. The place offers public and private bath which for us we had chosen the private one. Onsen was very hot and relaxing after a day tour.

Opening Hours:
10:00am-10:00pm (SAT-SUN)
Private Onsen: ¥5,500/hr (including towels)

How To Get There
Hakone Yuryo is located near the Hakone Yumoto train station, which is around 5 mins drive. There is a FREE shuttle service at the foot of the Hakone Yumoto station, where the shuttle interval timing is 15 mins.


Crispy Black Curry Bread in Owakudani Hakone Day Tour Activity
Hakone Owakudani Black Egg Hakone Day Tour Activity

Black Curry Bread

A soft bread that is black on the outside and the filling was just the same as a normal curry but more flavorful which is also another type of food to look forward to when visiting Owakudani. The curry bread was known for its black color and it was tasty.
Price: ¥880

Opening Hours:  10:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Monday to Sunday, except for Public Holidays)



"Hakone Haya River Hakone Day Tour Activity"

Our things to do in Hakone day tour were fun and interesting, from visiting the Tori gate to riding the cruise which drove us around Lake Ashi in very cold weather, to riding the ropeway going to the volcano and eating the famous black egg and curry. We roamed around the shops in town, ate Japanese food and desserts, shopping for goodies, and to cap the night we had our great onsen experience. The town was a one-hour train ride from Tokyo, but it was worth it to have experienced another side to Japan’s culture which was also overwhelming. That is a wrap on our Hakone day tour activity, we hope that you have a good time reading this information as you may need to use this in your future travel.

Connect with Us
  • 05:30   Arrive at Shinjuku Station
                 Visit the Odakyu Ticket Office
                 Collect Hakone 2-Day Free Pass
  • 06:00  Purchase one-way Romancecar
                Ticket: Y 1,110 
  • 06:45  Ride Romancecar train
                Depart Shinjuku
                Head to Hakone
  • 07:15   Hakone-Yumoto Station
                Head to bus stop opp the station
  • 07:30  Ride bus to Motohakone-ko
                Hakone Tozan Bus
                Bus No. K
  • 09:30  Alight bus stop Motohakone-ko
                Walk towards Hakone-Jinja Shrine
                Explore Hakone-Jinja
  • 10:15    Head to Motohakone-ko bus stop
                Ride bus to Hakonemachi-ko
                Bus No.
  • 10:45   Alight bus stop: Hakonemachi-ko
                Walk to Hakone Checkpoint
  • 11:30    Head back to Hakonemachi-ko
                Ride Hakone Sightseeing Cruise
                Sail on Lake Ashi
                Head to Togendai-ko
  • 12:15    Arrive at Togendai-ko
                Walk to Hakone Roapway Station
                Ride cable car
  • 13:20   Alight on Owakudani station
                Explore the view of volcanic valley
  • 14:30   Head to Sounzan
                 Ride cable car
  • 14:45   Alight Sounzan
                Rde bus to Gora
                Alight at Gora
                Explore Gora Park
  • 16:30   Ride bus at Gora bus station
                Head back to Hakone-Yumoto
  • 17:30   Visit Hakone-Yuryo Onsen
                Reserve for Onnsen Bath
  • 18:00  Walk streets of Hakone
                Early Dinner
  • 18:30   Head to Hakone Yuryo
                Shuttle Bus Service
                Onsen Experience
                Privete Onsen ( Y5,500 for 1 hour)
  • 18:45   Head to Hakone-Yumoto Station
                Ride train at Hakone-Yumoto
                Head to Odawara
                Alight Odawara and change train
                Ride Odakyu Express to Shinjuku
  • 19:30  Arrive at Shinjuku Station
                Head to Hotel

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