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Check as we uncover our Macau day tour travel visiting the known “Las Vegas of Asia”,where casinos, luxirous hotels with mixed Portugese colonial heritage. A country that is part of China were casinos, shopping malls, architecture, and food are famous. Macau is located on the southern coast of China and a one(1) hour ferry travel from Hong Kong. The country is a mixture of Portuguese and Chinese heritage which is visible on all major landmarks and street. On top of that, it is a modernized city that has a luxury of world-class entertainment. So during our visit to Hong Kong, we had a side trip adventure in Macau for one day. We went to Macau in an early morning ferry ride from Hong Kong last 24 Sept 2013.

how to enter macau

"Macau Taiipa Cotai Strip"
"Macau Lotus Flower Statue"

All visitors must hold a passport with valid six(6) months prior to expiry. Most foreign nationals from 66 countries are exempted from obtaining a visa on arrival with given number of days to stay. On the other hand foreign nationals from countries of Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam are required to obtain an entry visa prior to entering the country. Philippine nationals are one of the countries that are exempted to obtain a visa and are given 30 days stay in Macau.

We woke up early in the morning to catch the ferry service from Hong Kong to Macau. From Hong Kong, there are two ferry terminals that cater to Macau: China Ferry Terminal located near Tsim Sha Tsui and Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal which is located near IFC tower. For us, since our hotel is located to Tsim Sha Tsui we went to the China Ferry Terminal and book our one(1) way ticket.  Ferry service is available every hour and the ticket price will be higher during weekends, holiday and evening trips.  Our scheduled time of departure was around 8:30 am, and since it was Monday we are able to get the ticket at 140 HKD. We purchased our return ticket at Macau Maritime Ferry terminal and was set to depart at 4:30 pm.

best time to travel macau

Entrance View of Macau Galaxy Hotel
"Macau Venetian Bus"

The best time to visit Macau is during the autumn season which will start mid-October until the end of December. During this time the breeze of the air is cold. Meanwhile, months from April to September will be a rainy season, expect to bring an umbrella during this time if you happen to visit. We went to Macau end of September and lucky for us the weather did cooperated because it was not raining and not sunny, it was a perfect day to explore the place.


Macau to Hongkong Turbojet Signage

Getting around in Macau are accessible through public buses, taxis, and private cars. As we experienced it is quite hard to ride on the bus as most of the signage is written in  Chinese and local driver hardly understand English. So we end up walking along the streets as some landmarks were just nearby, which was good for us to fully explore and feel the city.

Places that we have been

Venetian Macau Golden Globe Plated Design
Macau Venetian Hotel Architecture

The Venetian Macau

Estrada da Baia de Nossa Senhora da Esperanca, Macau
Entrance Fee:  FREE
Opening Hours:  10:00am-11:00pm (Daily)

Is a five-star luxurious hotel at the same time a casino resort.  It also has a duty free shopping center, restaurants, and food stalls to dine in. The highlight of this hotel was the Grand Canal where you can ride in a boat and take a tour of the scenic Venetian view.

TIP: There is a free service bus from Taipa Ferry Terminal to Venetian Macau Hotel

"Macau Senado Square Water Fountain"

Senado Square

Largo do Senado, Macau
Entrance Fee:  FREE
Opening Hours:  24hrs

It is a paved town square where buildings are part of a historic structure built by the Portuguese.  The architectural design was stunning to witness the vibrant buildings with a wave mosaic flooring and fountain lying in the center of the square that adds to its scenic beauty.

"Macau Ruins Of St Paul"
Macau Ruins of St Paul Architecture

Ruins of St. Paul

St. Paul’s Road
Entrance Fee: FREE
Opening Hours:  9:00am-6:00pm (DAILY)

Is one of Macau’s iconic landmarks where a single-sided towering facade and stairway are all that remains of this early 17th-century church.

Exterior Facade Of St Dominc Church in Macau
Interior Design of St Dominic Church in Macau

St. Dominic Church

Largo do Senado
Entrance Fee: FREE
Opening Hours: 10:00am-6:00pm (DAILY)

It is a late 16th-century Baroque-style church that serves within the Cathedral Parish of the Roman Catholic.

Entrance to Macau Fishersman's Wharf
Roman Square in Macau Fisherman's Wharf Design Structure

Fisherman's Wharf

Near Macau Maritime Terminal
Entrance Fee: FREE
Opening Hours: 24 hrs

Is an integrated waterfront, hotel, and a compound that includes restaurants, shops with a view from the sea.

Local Foods we have eaten

"Macau Pork Chop Bun"

We enjoyed our tour in Macau where we witnessed the Chinese and Portuguese culture and heritage. The modern city lifestyle and how history has changed the city. Macau attractions were fabulous and thought of going back to discover more adventure. We loved the place because the food and shopping stall were everywhere.

Shops inside the Venetion Hotel in Macau

We enjoyed our tour in Macau where we witnessed the Chinese and Portuguese culture and heritage. The modern city lifestyle and how history has changed the city. Macau attractions were fabulous and thought of going back to discover more adventure. We loved the place because the food and shopping stall were everywhere. Thank you for your time checking our Macau day tour trave, we hope that you can use this information for your future travel destination.

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Day Tour Travel and Itinerary

  • 05:30am Wake Up.Ready
  • 06:45am Breakfast
  • 07:30am Walk to Kowloon Park
                      Head to  Ferry Terminal
                      HK Macau Ferry Terminal
  • 08:00am Book Ticket
                      Macau Ticket Counter
                      Ticket Fare: 
  • 08:30am Depart Hong Kong
  • 09:30am ETA Macau
                     Macau Taipa Ferry Terminal
                     Immigration Clearance
  • 10:15am  Ride Bus
                     Venetian Macau Hotel
  • 11:30am   Lunch
  • 12:30pm  Ride Bus
                      Head to Senado Square
  • 01:30pm  Explore
                     Senado Square
                     Ruins of St PaulHotel
  • 03:30pm Head to Macau Ferry Terminal
  • 04:00pm Book Ticket Hong Kong
                     Ticket Fare:
  • 04:30pm Depart Macau
  • 05:30pm ETA Hong Kong
  • 06:00pm Ride Bus
                      The Peak
  • 06:30pm ETA The Peak
                      Overview Hong Kong
  • 08:00pm Dinner
                      Night Market
  • 09:45pm Head to Hotel
                      Rest & Sleep

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