Come and hike with us through the trails of Windsor Nature Park, which include the Hanguana Trail, Squirrel Trail, Drongo Trail, and Venus Loop. Windsor Nature Park is a part of the Central Catchment Nature Reserve with a mixture of boardwalk and flat-surface terrain for a nice trail walking experience. This nature park was open to the public last 2017 to help visitors discover highlights of additional flora and fauna. Also, the park serves as an alternative way to access Treetop Walk along MacRitchie Nature Park. So come and let us together explore Windsor Nature Park and embark on this wonderful hiking adventure.

Windsor Nature Park Singapore


Windsor Nature Park is situated at Venus Drive, right along the Upper Thomson Road. The park is beside Singapore Island Country Club golf course and MacRitchie Nature Park. The opening hours of Windsor Park’s are from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM (Mondays to Sundays).


Windsor Nature Park Bus Stop


Windsor Nature Park nearest train station is at Bright Hill station along the Thomson MRT Line. From Bright Hill, it is around a 10-minute walk to the park, head to Exit 1 and takes a walk along the Sin Ming Avenue road for about 900m, then cross the street towards Venus Drive. Alternatively, there are bus no. 132, 163, 165, 166, 167, 855, and 980 which passes nearby to the bus stop near the entrance of the park. Alight at bus stop Opp Flame Tree Pk (53071) along Upper Thomson Road, then head to Venus Drive where Windsor Nature Park entrance is located.

Car Park Windsor Nature Park


If driving, head to Upper Thomson Road then turn left along Venus Drive to the main entrance of the park. Visitors can alight at the drop-off point, or go straight ahead to the car park. The car park is just right beside the main entrance, where it is open from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.


Windsor Nature Park Map

The nature park amenities include sheltered area, toilet and car park. The nature reserve park consist of wetlands, trails and boardwalk path. It also has heritage trees and plants together with some wildlife animals and birds.


Windsor Nature Park Directions

Nature Park trail distance covers about 4.5km combining the four (4) nature trails in the park which include Hanguana Trail, Squirrel Trail, Drongo Trail, and Venus Loop.

Venus Trail Loop Path
Drongo Trail Windsor Nature Park


Hanguana Trail Entrance Windsor Nature Park

Hanguana Trail is the easiest trail inside the park, the trail covers only 350m which is relatively an easy walk for about 10 minutes. The trail consists of one small loop with surrounding native plants and trees found in Singapore. This trail is located before on near the main entrance of the park, right along the Venus Loop.

Hanguana Trail Loop


Squirrel Trail Windsor Nature Park

Squirrel Trail consists of a boardwalk with mixed stone patches together to form a 300m pathway. There are small streams of water coupled with some palm trees and also flowers on the side. And of course, it was named as Squirrel trail due to the number of a squirrel that reside around the area.

Squirrel Trail Mixed Boardwalk and Stone Pathway


Drong Trail Boardwalk

Drongo Trail is a 500m sub-canopy boardwalk and 450m of flat surface terrain on the other side. The boardwalk is surrounded by giant trees on the side where visitors can catch the flora and fauna of the forest. Recently, due to fallen trees that cause damage to the boardwalk path, trees on the side were cut down. The trail has direct access to MacRitchie Nature Park, where visitors can extend their hike up to the famous Treetop Walk.


Venus Loop Trail Path

Venus Loop trail covers around 1.8km which can easily be done within 45 minutes of leisure walking. The trails feel rustic and calm as seldom fewer visitors used to walk around this area. There are some sightings of wild animals such as wild boars, monkeys, and monitor lizards around the area. Along with that are some trees, shrubs that have grown over time. Visitors will have a nice short walk especially during the early morning where the smell of fresh clean is observed.


Toilet At Windsor Park Singapore

There is one (1) toilet at the nature park which is situated on the right side of the main entrance. There is a drinking water station for visitors to fill up their water bottles. Also sheltered area are available for visitors which serve as common place to stay in event of unexpected weather like rain or otherwise use as to perform group activities.


Shelter Area At Windsor Nature Park

There is one (1) toilet at the nature park which is situated on the right side of the main entrance. There is a drinking water station for visitors to fill up their water bottles.


Thomson Nature Park

Windsor Nature Park to Thomson Nature Park is around 3km, which can be done by riding the bus at the bus stop near the park. Visitors can also consider visiting the nearby nature park-like MacRitchie Nature Park or the Lower Peirce Reservoir.


Windsor Nature Park Singapore

Windsor Nature Park is one exciting new park that visitors must go and explore. Exploring the park can be a breeze with an almost flat surface which makes it easy for visitors to walk around this nature park. With half of the nature park path covered with a wooden boardwalk, visitors will find a good walking experience. The nature park is covered with lush vegetation of trees with several freshwater streams on the side. Upon hiking the trail we have encountered wild boars along the side, squirrels on the top tree, and a family of monkeys. On the other hand for visitors who want to extend the adventure, the nearby MacRitchie Nature Park is easily accessible from this park. It is around 2km from the main entrance to reach the trail segment of MacRitchie Nature Park.

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