Welcome as we take a stroll to Lower Peirce Reservoir Park, come and enjoy a relaxing forest walk and catch the amazing sunset view at the reservoir. The park is one place to visit for a nature experience while taking a break from the busy city life. The trails are relatively flat which makes them easy to walk through and accessible. There are also some wild animals in the trails which visitors can spot like monkeys, wild boars, and monitor lizards. At the end of the trails, visitors can sit down or even have a picnic in nature. From here visitors can await while simply catching the amazing sunset. So come and join us take a walk into the natural beauty of the Lower Peirce Reservoir Park.

Pavilion At Lower Peirce Reservoir


Lower Peirce Park is located along Old Upper Thomson Road, Singapore. The park is nearby to Upper Peirce Reservoir Park, Thomson Nature Park, and easy access to Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park. The park is free admission and opens 24 hrs, but the boardwalk is only accessible from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM daily.


How To Go Lower Peirce Reservoir


There are many buses such as 163, 167, 169, 855, and 980 that pass along the Upper Thomson Road. Alight at the bus stop near Sembawang Hill Food Court, then walk through Old Upper Thomson Road which leads to the entrance of Casuarina trail.

Lower Peirce Reservoir Car Park


Inform the taxi driver that you are heading to Lower Peirce Reservoir Park, which is located at Old Upper Thomson Road. If driving, head to the direction of Upper Thomson Road, then turn along the junction of Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 and enter into Old Upper Thomson Road. There are two (2) available parking areas in Lower Reservoir Park; one is at  Lower Peirce Reservoir Car park and Casuarina Road Car Park.


Lower Peirce Reservoir Map


History Of Lower Peirce Reservoir

Lower Peirce Reservoir was one of Singapore’s oldest dams which were built in 1912 along the Kalang River. It was then known as Kalang River Reservoir and was constructed with the increasing demand for water supply at Macritchie Reservoir. Later in 1922, it was renamed Peirce Reservoir in recognition of the late engineer Robert Peirce. After the completion of the Upper Peirce Reservoir, it was then renamed to now as Lower Peirce Reservoir.


Lower Peirce Reservoir Park Pavilion

Lower Peirce Reservoir Park is not as big so it won’t take much time to explore. The park has some benches and also shelters where visitors can take a rest and relax. The bench serves as a place for some who would like to read books and enjoy the view of the calmness of the reservoir.

Sheltered Area At Lower Peirce Reservoir
Picnic Area At Lower Peirce Reservoir Park


Forest Trail At Lower Peirce Reservoir

The trail has a wooden platform that winds up from the forest up to the reservoir. This wooden boardwalk serves as access from the Casuarina entrance into the dense forest of Hevea Trail, Cyathea Trail, and then Bamboo Trail. The other side Jacaranda entrance leads to Costus Trail and Oncospermum Trail which ends up in the reservoir. Walking through the forest, visitors can notice the informative signboard on the types of trees, flowers, animals living inside the forest. There are some wildlife animals such as monkeys, monitor lizards, and even wild boars which visitors may encounter. Aside from that rubber trees, palm trees, chempedak trees are also available inside the forest.

Rubber Trees At Lower Peirce Reservoir Park
Lower Peirce Reservoir Forest

Walking through this trail is one way of great exercise with a breath of fresh air coming from a natural forest habitat.


Walking at Boardwalk Lower Peirce Reservoir

Walking along the boardwalk provides a walkway between the forest on one side and the reservoir edge on the other side. The boardwalk is around 900m long that stretches from the reservoir up to the forest. This wooden walkway is narrow but just enough to pass 2-way human traffic flow.

Boardwalk View At Lower Peirce Reservoir

The view of the reservoir along the trail was beautiful and serene, which visitors can experience calm still waters that are good for the soul.


Clear Waters At Lower Peirce Reservoir

The water in the reservoirs looks still as one can notice that symmetry of reflection of the background forest and the lake.


Fishing Ground Lower Peirce Reservoir

The reservoir has designated areas where visitors are allowed to do fishing. There is several people trying luck to catch fish on one corner within mind the rules to be followed.


Sunset View At Lower Peirce Reservoir Park

Lower Peirce Reservoir provides visitors a tranquil place to enjoy a late afternoon walk. Also, the amazing view of the sunset is one of the highlights of visiting this park.

Sunset Lower Peirce Reservoir Park


Lower Peirce Reservoir

After taking a stroll in the park for about 1.5 hours, we can say that overall it was a lovely place to visit. We enjoy the forest walk, witness the serene reservoir and catch the scenic view of the sunset. While walking inside the forest we were able to enjoy a comfortable walk thanks to the footpath made up of wooden trails and railings. The place is for nature lovers who want to breathe the refreshing air of the surrounding forest. It is peaceful and tranquil which makes it a nice stroll up onto the reservoir. And to capped this up, and late afternoon visit to Lower Peirce Reservoir Park is one of the highlights where visitors can witness a beautiful sunset. For visitors who want to extend their journey the nearby Thomson Nature Park, Upper Peirce Reservoir Park and Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park is quite accessible to the park.

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