Welcome to our Singapore Quarry hike guide and discover this off-beaten track in Singapore with a wonderful oasis of calm with scenic natural beauty. Singapore Quarry is located along Upper Bukit Timah road right which is right beside the Green Corridor train track. The nature park has the remains of the rocks formation which was left after it was dug and excavated. The standing hill cliff of rock and with large lake offers an impressive natural design. Visitors to the nature park will experience a nice place to unwind and relax. Come and follow with in our  Singapore Quarry hike guide and discover its outstanding view.

Main Entrance To Singapore Quarry Hike


Singapore Quarry is located along Upper Bukit Timah Road which is conveniently easier to access right behind the Rail Mall and passes the Fuyong Interim Park. Singapore Quarry opening hours are from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Daily).


Hillview MRT Station Exit A


The nearest MRT station to Singapore Quarry is Hillview MRT station (Downtown MRT Line). From here walk along Upper Timah Road pass Rail Mall in Upper Bukit Timah Road to the nature park in about 800m.

Singapore Quarry Map
Carpark A at Dairy Farm Nature Park


Inform the taxi driver that you are heading to Singapore Quarry, which is located at Upper Bukit Timah Road. The nearest carpark area is at Rain Mall Carpark, or at Dairy Farm Nature Park Carpark A.


Singapore Quarry History

Singapore Quarry was part of the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, but due to the concern of falling rocks, it was recommended to have a closure of the quarry. It has been preserve and now it is the current habitat of various animals and the surrounding flora and fauna of this nature park.


Sign Direction To Singapore Quarry Hike

The small access path that leads to Singapore Quarry coming from Jalan Asas-Fuyong Interim Park.

Wide Access Path for Singapore Quarry Hike

Walking through the nature park visitors can observe the quietness and stillness of the forested areas. The trail to Singapore Quarry is a bit hilly but with asphalted path and wider path to walk, even cyclers can visit the nature park at ease.

Shelter Area Singapore Quarry Hike

The shelter area provides the visitor to sit back and relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the nature park.

Serene Lake On The Singapore Quarry Hike Guide
Singapore Quarry Platform

Singapore Quarry provides a platform for visitors who wants to have a good view of the quarry with the surrounding large pool of water. The lake provides a habitat of fishes, turtles, and monitor lizards as well as half-submerged plants. There is also a number of birds seen around the area like kingfisher, egrets, herons drongo, bulbul, and some butterflies and even dragonflies.


Overhead Bridge KTM Train Track

After a walk to Singapore Quarry, visitors can head to the remains of the Malaya rail track. The rail track has an overhead bridge just outside the Rail Mall.


Welcome To Singapore Quarry Hike Guide

Our walk to Singapore Quarry was indeed a memorable experience with a serene atmosphere designed to relax our souls and mind. Visitors will experience the tranquility and pure quietness of the nature park. The park provides an excellent place for solitude and finding inner peace of self. Visitors who are looking for something different that is less strenuous visiting Singapore Quarry would be one of them off the beaten track to visit. If you want to extend your adventure, visitors can head for a hike for another 1.3km to Dairy Farm Nature Park. After a walk to Singapore Quarry, visitors can take a walk to the remains of the Malaya rail track. The rail track has an overhead bridge just outside the Rail Mall. We hope that you are able gain some information in our Singapore Quarry hike guide.

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