Let’s head for a walk to the Southern Ridges of Singapore and stroll on top of the canopy while checking the great sceneries above. Southern Ridges features the 10 km nature trail walk that covers Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park, HortPark, Kent Ridge Park, and Labrador Nature Reserve. Visitors may wish to start either at HarbourFront MRT or Kent Ridge MRT which will take approximately 3 hours of walking time from one end to another. During this journey, visitors may also explore the hiking trails alongside Marang Trail, Henderson Waves, Earth Trail, Alexandra Arch, and Canopy Walk. So come and experience one of the recommended walking routes in Singapore.

Southern Ridges Map



Harbourfront MRT Station Exit D

There are two (2) ways getting to start the Southern Ridges via public transportation.
1. The most common option is alighting at Harbourfront MRT Station (Exit D), then head for the starting walk at the Marang Trail, 2 mins from the station.
2. Take the circle line MRT and alight at Kent Ridge MRT station. Head to exit B, then ride Bus No. 92 at the bus stop then alight after two (2) stops. Walk along the road and head straight to Kent Ridge Park.


Mt Faber Peak Singapore
Danish Seamanls Church Singapore
Pasir Panjang Port View From Kent Ridge Park


Marang Trail Singapore Southern Ridges

Marang Trail is one of the starting points for the Southern Ridge journey, which is also conveniently located next to the Harbourfront MRT station (Exit D). Hiking through the trails, visitors will find well-maintained concrete staircase and slopes and surrounding trees and plants. The staircase provides a great warm-up exercise for visitors ascending to the top heading of Mount Faber.


Faber Walk Southern Ridges Singapore

After hiking the trails of Marang, visitors will pass through Mount Faber’s walk. This hilly terrain walk will take the visitors a glance at Mt Faber Park. This park is located on top of the hill which offers an overlooking view of the surrounding landscape of Singapore Harbourfront. Also from here, visitors can ride the cable car ride to Sentosa Island.


Henderson Waves Singapore

Descent from Mt Faber Park leads to the Henderson Waves which is the tallest wooden bridge that links Mt Faber Park to Telok Blangah Park. As the name suggests the bridge was designed in the form of waves, making it one of the most visited places in Singapore. Walking on the top of the bridge and watching the skyline view brings visitors a great adventure experiences.


Telok Blangah Hill Park

After passing the Henderson Waves, visitors can head to the top of Telok Blangah Hill Park. Telok Blangah Hill Park offers a serene and quiet place for visitors who wish to have a relaxing time with themselves. The park has a semi-circular terrace with a staircase that leads to the garden on top. Once on the top, visitors can also witness the spectacular view of Singapore.


Forst Walk Southern Ridges Singapore

Forest Walk is one of the most sought a place for a visitor exploring the Southern Ridges. The walkway is a raised platform that ranges from 3 to 8 meters high. This walkway connects Telok Blangah Hill and Alexandra Arch and is made of up steel that allows visitors to walk beside the treetops.


Alexandra Arch Singapore

Alexandra Arch serves as the pedestrian link bridge that connects Forest Walk to Hort Park. The bridge was built with an artistic design and when visited at night it provides artificial lights that illuminate at night.


Gazebo At Hort Park

Hort Park is one of the most visited parks for avid gardeners as it houses different types of plant species. The park is mostly visited by families, and friends and is also a common place for wedding events. Hort Park also offers a pleasant place for a walk or run with the lush and beautiful greenery on the side. The park also has cafes and restaurants for visitors to enjoy after a long day out exploring the park.


Dragon's Teeth Gate Labrador Park Singapore

Labrador Nature Reserve offers a place for both recreation and history at the same time. Recreational activities include cycling, skating, and jogging along the side of the coastal view of the ocean. The park also has the history of World War II, where it serves as the artillery and ammunition post for the armies during the war. Overall visiting Labrador Park is a fun experience taking a stroll by the seaside to unwind and relax.


Canopy Walk At Kent Ridge Park

The canopy walk is a 150m long trail elevated above the ground that connects Hort Park and Kent Ridge Park. Walking on top of this walkway, visitors can find the surrounding tall trees and panoramic views of the area. Next to the starting point of Canopy Walk is the bungalow house that exhibits the Reflection at Bukit Chandu.


Park Bench At Kent Ridge Park Singapore

Visitors coming off from Harbourfront will find the end of the journey which is at Kent Ridge Park. Kent Ridge Park is the last segment for the Southern Ridges journey, where visitors can find the rich history and battle of Pasir Panjang which takes place in this park. Visitors exploring the park may find some steep slopes which add up some challenges for those physically inclined individuals.


Southern Ridges Forest Walk Singapore

Exploring the Southern Ridges of Singapore gives a great experience for us as we are able to encounter different picturesque views along the way. The whole journey from Marang Trail to Kent Ridge Park takes around 3 hours which involves relaxation and an easy walking adventure. As mentioned, the park is quite accessible to public transport if visitors wish to stop at any point in time. There are also a number of resting points and benches where visitors can relax while enjoying the view of nature.

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