Welcome to Gunung Belumut hiking guide exploring the trails to the summit standing 1,010m above sea level near Kluang town, Johor Malaysia. Considered as another hiking destination in Malaysia where most people take about 4 to 6 hours to ascend the 6km route. It offers trekking enthusiasts a great scenic beauty and relatively accessible trails. This hiking guide offers relevant infomation for hikers and nature enthusiasts, with its scenic trails, diverse ecosystem, and captivating summit views. Aside from hiking, visitors also have the opportunity to experience enjoy outdoor activities camping or having picnic with families and friends this recreational park.

Taman Eco Rimba Forest Park


Located along one of the mountain ranges of Malaysia, Gunung Belumut is situated in the state of Johor near the town of Kluang. In Kluang, Gunung Lambak is also one of the prominent mountains that visitors will explore. The distance from Kluang to the trailhead of Gunung Belumut is approximately 35 kilometers which typically 30 minutes to travel.

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Briefing Before Hike At Gunung Belumut

Before embarking on a hike to Gunung Belumut, it’s essential to obtain the necessary permits and adhere to park regulations. Visitors should register at the park office, pay any required fees which include a local guide in order to hike the mountain. To get to Gunung Belumut, you need to reach the town of Kluang. From here take cab or book grab toward the foot of Mount Belumut Recreational Forest. We highly recommend to have your own transportation or probably join a group that accommodate the send and pick up for the hike.


Trail Map Of Gunung Belumut

The trail to the summit requires four (4) “Check Point” (CP). On average it will take you about 4 hours to reach the summit. The trails of Gunung Belumut caters different levels of difficulty. The checkpoints are specific locations along a hiking trail where hikers may rest, hydrate, and regroup before continuing their ascent. The trails offer hikers the opportunity to explore the lush rain forest and encounter diverse flora and fauna along the way.

Check Point Gunung Belumut
Hiking Trails Of Gunung Belumut


The steepness of the trail the trails requires a lot of time and physical strength both on the lower and upper body. In most of the treacherous parts, there are boulders, huge tree roots and trunks along the way leading to diverse jungle terrain.

Summit Of Gunung Belumut
Summit Of Gunung Belumut Signs
Gunung Belumut Kabus Check Point

Once you reach the summit, there is a huge rock boulder. The summit point is not that big to cater more than 15 persons. There is nothing to see at the summit, unless you climb up onto the boulder where you can see some of the surrounding mountains and landscape.


Gunung Belumut Summit Marker

Overall, Gunung Belumut is a beloved natural attraction in Johor, offering a blend of adventure, exploration, and natural beauty for those who venture to its heights. Additionally it offers other recreational activities such as camping, picnic providing visitors to immerse themselves to nature. At the base of Gunung Belumut, visitor facilities are widely available such as parking areas, restrooms, information centers, and food stalls selling snacks and drinks. Do note that hiking Gunung Belumut requires proper preparation, including wearing suitable clothing and footwear, carrying sufficient water and snacks. It’s also advisable to check weather conditions and plan your hike accordingly.


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