Welcome on our insider’s guide to Upper Peirce Reservoir Park, a tranquil park. Located along the Upper Thomson Road, this park reservoir was part of the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. The park covers five (5) hectares in space and was built in the late ’60s due to the increasing water demand. Now, this park is considered one of the attractions due to the serene beauty of the reservoir. It is one of the places in Singapore that is not crowded which is an ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Follow us, as we walk you through the insider guide to Upper Peirce Reservoir Park.

Upper Peirce Reservoir Park Sign


Upper Peirce Reservoir Park is located along the Old Upper Thomson Road.



The park is quite accessible on foot, in order the get there by public transport. Ride Bus no. 138, 167, 169, 860, and 980 and alight at the bus stop near the Old Upper Thomson Park Connector. From here, take a walk for about 15 minutes along the curvy road of Old Upper Thomson. This park connector is also shared by joggers, cars, and cyclists. Once you reach the main gate of the park, take a walk for about 20 minutes on the up and downhills. On the third hill, walk right until you see the reservoir.


Inform the taxi driver that you are heading to Upper Peirce Reservoir Park, which is located at Old Thomson Road. Upper Peirce Reservoir Park opening hours is from 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM, do take note on this timing. If you are driving, make sure to leave the park within this timing, because the main gate will be close from 7:30 PM – 6:00 AM..


History Of Upper Peirce Reservoir

It was in the late 1960s, where there is a need for water that the Singapore government act to study and increase the capacity of the Peirce Reservoir. From here they constructed a higher dam which was then called Upper Peirce Reservoir. The Upper Peirce Reservoir was completed in 1975 and was officially opened by late Prime Minister Mr. Lee Kuan Yew.


Park Amenities At Upper Peirce Reservoir Park

The nature reserve park has facilities which include a public toilet, drinking water station. There is a small serene park at the reservoir where the visitor can take a break in the shelter areas and sit on the bench.

Park Map of Upper Peirce Reservoir


View of Upper Peirce Reservoir

The main attraction of the park is its reservoir. Once you reach the park, the reservoir makes a nice scenic view setting, especially in early sunrise and sunset. The reservoir is very pristine and quiet which is makes it a great place to relax.

Beside the reservoir is the dam which slopes down connecting the Lower Pierce Reservoir Park. Most of the children play on these slopes by bringing cardboard to slide down.


The park has a sheltered area, where a visitor can take a rest enjoy the beautiful view of the reservoir. The place is a great spot for picnics with friends or families. There is also a small trail that is ideal to explore by nature lovers and bird enthusiasts. Some visitors will just sit back and relax in serene surroundings.


Toilet At Upper Peirce Reservoir Park

Inside the park, there is one (1) public toilet which is accessible to all visitors. Outside the toilet is the portable drinking fountain, where you can drink cold water. The public toilet is located beside the car park.


Carpark At Upper Peirce Reservoir Park

Parking is FREE, but the gate will be open from 6:00 AM – 7:00 PM. Make sure to enter and leave only at this park timing. The car that is left after 7:00 PM can only be collected the next morning.


As mention in getting go Upper Peirce Reservoir Park, there is the Old Upper Thomson Park connector. This park connector links to Upper Peirce Reservoir Park, Thomson Nature Park and Lower Peirce Reservoir Park. With the help of a park connector, access to the reservoir is quite easy. The park connector consists of a long shady walk with trees on each side. The park connector is shared by avid joggers, cars, and also cyclists. While walking there a family of monkeys usually play and stand by on the road.



Few meters from the main gate of the Upper Peirce Reservoir Park is the Thomson Nature Park. A park that has easy trails is ideal for a novice in hiking. The park consists of five (5) walking trails that cover about 3.8 km. It has Ruins and Fig Trail, Stream and Fern Trail, Rambutan Trail, Langur Trail, and Macaque Trail. A place is rich in history and beauty exploring this nature park.


Having visited Upper Peirce Reservoir Park, we can say that truly it is a serene and peaceful place. An ideal place for meditation and internal relaxation in both mind and body. The park also a lovely picnic place for family and friends. Children can enjoy and run around the park while adults exercise. It is popular among the cyclist and joggers as the road leads to the shaded trees. It is recommended to visit the park in the early morning to feel the cool breeze and fresh air. Likewise, a late afternoon visit can also be done, where the scenic view of sunset awaits. Although the park is quite isolated, it still worthwhile visiting it. We hope that this insider guide to Upper Peirce Reservoir Park helps you know more about the information as you visit the park.

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