Let us visit Mati, Davao Oriental, and discover the most-visited destination Dahican Beach known for its big waves and a long stretch of sandy white shores. Mati which is the only city in Davao Oriental boasts of tourist who flocks to surfing, skim-boarding, and swimming activity. There are many interesting places when visiting Mati Davao Oriental. Here we feature our recommended places when heading to Mati City. Mati City is just a 4-5 hour drive from Davao City, so come and check our guide on the must-visit place in Mati and for another travel adventure.

I Love Mati Sign Mati Davao Oriental


Mati City is located in the south-eastern part of the Philippines under Mindanao. Mati City is under the Davao Oriental region where it serves as the main capital. Other known municipalities that mostly visited by tourist include Baganga, Governor Generoso, Cateel.


Public Bus To Mati City Davao Oriental

Most of the visitors heading to Mati are taking private transport. Visitors who are coming from Cebu or Manila can take the direct flight to Davao. From Davao, you have there are two (2) options:
A. The most convenient way to go to Mati is by taking a private vehicle. It will generally take 3-4 hours to travel from Davao City to Mati.
B. Ride the public bus at Ecoland Bus Terminal, where the bus fare ranges from Php 250 – Php 300, and the travel time is around 4-5 hours.


Welcome To Davao Oriental
Beaches In Davao Oriental
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Dahican Beach Mati City Davao Oriental

One of the most sought-after places when in Mati is Dahican Beach. Dahican Beach is famous for its huge waves that are most popular for surfers and skim-boarders around. The beach shore has its long stretch of white sand with a number of restaurants and resorts. Visitors come and visit the place to have a good time to unwind and relax.


View Deck Sleeping Dinosour Mati City Davao Oriental

One of the most breathtaking sights when heading to Mati is the mountain that resembles a sleeping dinosaur. The sleeping dinosaur figure can be best viewed along the roadside cliff “Sleeping Dinosaur View Deck” where visitors alight to check this natural wonder surrounded by sea waters. For visitors who wish to hike on the mountain, trails are available for them to explore which usually took around 2 hours.


Skeletal Whale Shark Subangan Museum Mati City Davao Oriental
Subangan Museum Mati City Davao Oriental

Subangan Museum is a museum located in the city-center of Mati, the museum features the history, livelihood, places of interest, and important events of Davao Oriental. Upon entering the museum, visitors can see the large skeletal body of a whale shark which was previously found dead along the coastal shores of the municipalities of Governor Generoso and San Isidro. The museum is kept clean, well maintained, and with information exhibits that help visitors understand Davao Oriental. Visitors are required to pay an entrance fee of Php 50 (Adults) and Php 40 (Students)


Mati Baywalk

Mati Bay-walk Park is strategically located along the shores of the sea of Mati. The park offers a nice relaxing walk in the early morning and also in the late afternoon where visitors can catch the glimpse of the sunset. Visitors can sit while enjoying the sea breeze and relaxing atmosphere. A park is an ideal place for friends and families to hang out. After a relaxing walk, visitors can head outside the park, where many foods and beverages kiosks are available which provide good food for park-goers.


Davao Oriental Provincial Capitol

The provincial capital of Davao Oriental is located in Mati City. It is situated on top of the hills where the capitol building is painted in white, which locals often refer to as the “White House” due to its color. People’s Park is located beside the capital where most visitors and locals visit to exercise and relax. The place is ideal for families with kids to enjoy and play around.


Pacific Breeze Beach Resort Mati Davao Oriental

There are many resorts available along the stretch of Dahican. Visitors can rent the room or even the whole unit of the house. During our stay in Dahican, we went to Pacific Breeze Beach Resort. The rates range from as low as Php 3,500 to Php 7,000 which includes breakfast. The room we stayed in is quite spacious, clean, and well maintained. The resort has a relaxing ambiance with a perfect view of sunrise and huge sounds of waves.

Pacific Breeze Beach Resort Mati City Davao Oriental


Welcome Park Davao Oriental

Having visited Mati, Davao Oriental is truly a beautiful city from the countryside. Visiting Mati can be quite far but it is worth visiting because it has a relaxing vibe and ambiance. It offers activities and adventures suited to different individuals. We hope that you can check our list of must-visit places in Mati, so in your next travel adventure consider visiting Mati City.

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