Welcome to our guide to Lower Seletar Reservoir Park, a well-laid out park located in the north of Singapore. The park has several activities that every visitor likes to do which include water sports activities-kayaking, dragon boating, a family bay, water play area for toddlers. Within the park is a cool place to exercise as it has a 1.3km long track and boardwalk for visitors who want to capture the overlooking view of the reservoir. The park has fairly large trees which ideal for nature tripping while walking, jogging, and cycling. It is a place for some photo enthusiasts who want to capture a beautiful sunrise and even sunset of the reservoir with the scenic view of the golf course. Fishing deck and area are also available for a visitor who wishes to catch fish. Follow us as we share this complete guide and information on Lower Seletar Reservoir Park.

Main Entrance of Lower Seletar Reservoir Parkl


Lower Seletar Reservoir Park is located in the northern part of Singapore, along the intersection road of Yishun Avenue 1 and Lentor Avenue. The park is beside the famous country club and golf course is – Orchid Country Club. The park is open 24 hours, which makes it accessible for visitors to visit any time of the day.


Map of Lower Seletar Reservoir Park


There are two (2) ways on how to reach Woodlands Waterfront park by public transportation. 

1. The nearest MRT train station is Khatib MRT Station, which is approximately around 20 mins walk Take Exit A, and head to the overhead bridge across the station, then walk for about 800m to reach the main entrance of the park.

2. The park is also accessible by bus services such as 39, 85, 811, 851, 852, 853, 854, 855, 858, 965, and 969 which will pass over. These bus services are available at Yishun Bus Interchange or Woodlands Bus Interchange.


If you are taking a taxi or a privately hired car inform the driver that you are heading to Lower Seletar Reservoir Park, which is located along Yishun Ave 1.


Kayaking at Lower Seletar Reservoir
Park Connector Lower Seletar Reservoir Park
Park Map Of Lower Seletar Reservoir Parkl
Lower Seletar Reservoir Sign

Once in the park, there are several walkways to enjoy nature. There are many amenities and activities each visitor can do in the Lower Seletar Reservoir Park One of the now popular activities in the park is water sports-Canoeing/Kayaking. Also, visitors will find this place as a popular park for joggers/brisk walking and fishing enthusiast. Aside from that, there are Fitness Corner, Water Play Area for toddlers, and the famous Heritage Bridge.


The Heritage Bridge brings each visitor a spectacular panoramic view of the reservoir and golf course of the Orchid Country Club. The boardwalk bridge is designed such it would look like “kelong” along with stilts. Along the boardwalk, there are information panels that describe the history of the Lower Seletar Reservoir Park. While at the end of the boardwalk is where a visitor would usually sit back and relax while feeling the calmness and tranquility of the reservoir.


Water Play Area at Lower Seletar Reservoir Park

Just beside the Heritage Bridge is the Water Play Area where every child and toddler will play around the water and fountain areas. There is an amphitheater where a visitor can witness the beauty of the reservoir while watching the kids play at the water park.


Fitness Station of Lower Seletar Reservoir Park

Lower Seletar Reservoir also has its fitness corner, like most of the fitness corners in the park, it has basic facilities where every person can perform a full-body workout. Most people continue to exercise after a short jog or run within the park.


Jetty at Lower Seletar Reservoir Parkl

Inside the park is the T-shaped Jetty boardwalk which is located in the middle of the reservoir. This jetty is where fishing enthusiasts usually gather and catch fish. The most commonly caught fish are tilapia and snake-head. The jetty also allows some visitors the opportunity to spot other fishes and some insects like dragonflies or damselflies.


Sports Center at Lower Seletar Reservoir Park
Kayaking at Lower Seletar Reservoir Park

Lower Seletar Water Sports Center is managed by Camelot Pte Ltd 

which caters to water sports activities like kayaking and canoeing. Apart from that they also serve dragon-boat training or activity, which every friend and family will like to try.

Rental Rate: Single Kayak: S$12 per pax for 2 hours | Double Kayak: S$14 per pax for 2 hours
Opening Hours: Tuesday-Wednesday & Friday-Sunday (8:00 AM-6:00 PM)


Public Toilet at Lower Seletar Reservoir Park

Lower Seletar Reservoir Park has only one (1) public toilet, which is located in the middle of the park. Beside the toilet are trees and flowering plants that help beautify the park and provide shade on a sunny day.


Fishing Area At Lower Seletar Reservoir Park

The park has a designated fishing area, where each visitor is permitted to catch fish. During our visit to the park, there is quite some anglers position at each different location to better catch fish. These fishing areas are commonplace where other visitors also share, and it highly advisable to use only artificial bait especially when fishing at the reservoirs.


Car Park at Lower Seletar Reservoir Park

Lower Seletar Reservoir Car Park has only one (1) car park which is located along Yishun Ave 1. The car park has a limited parking lot and will easily get full during peak hours and especially on weekends. Most visitor’s alternative option is to park at the nearest HDB car park which is located just opposite the park.



Sunrse at Lower Seletar Reservoir Park

Lower Seletar Reservoir Park is a common spot to catch the scenic sunrise along with the view of the Orchid Country club and reservoir. Here many photography enthusiasts gather to capture a glimpse of the sunrise as well the gorgeous view of the sunset.


Park Connector For Spring Leaf Nature Park
Underpass At Springleaf Park Connector

Lower Seletar Reservoir Park has a park connector that leads to Springleaf Nature Park. This park connector runs along Lentor Avenue unto Upper Thompson road.


Staircase of Lower Seletar Reservoir Parkl

Upon visiting the park we must say that is a peaceful and quiet place. The view at the early sunrise and sunset in the evening is astonishingly breathtaking. It is a popular place for visitors who love to unwind and reconnect with nature while experiencing the calmness and refreshing breeze of the reservoir. And walking along the Heritage bridge until the end will have the feeling of serenity while enjoying the view of the reservoir. Also it a commonplace for visitors who like to walk in the park, jog, family bonding activities like water play area, and water sports activities. Highly recommended place to visit for a quick escape from the hustle, noise, and stress in life.

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