Our 3 days in Kuala Lumpur travel guide and explore the bustling capital of Malaysia. Here we provide on what to see and do in Kuiala Lumpur for 3 days. It was a three-day visit in the city of Kuala Lumpur, exploring the best of the city landmarks as well as indulging local Malaysian foods. During this trip we were able to visit Petronas Tower, Merdeka Square, Batu Cave and the popular Petaling street market. We were also able to enjoy good local food at Jalan Alor which is converted as night food court.


View from the top of KLCC Tower to Lush Green of KLCC Park

Most of the travelers told that the months of May to August is the recommended travel time when visiting Kuala Lumpur.  During this time travelers expect to have a fair weather on most days. On the other hand, during the months of September to December the western monsoon are likely to be experience causing mostly rainfall in the city. During our visit in Kuala Lumpur, which was on the month of July, the weather was overall fair and sunny. We also recommend to bring along with you an umbrella specially if you are going outdoors and exploring the streets of Kuala Lumpur.

(May to August)
Average Temperature: 37°C
Hottest Month: August

(September to December)
Average Temperature: 35°C
Highest Rainfall Month: November


There are three (3) ways to travel  and reach Kuala Lumpur from Singapore. These are in the form of airplane, bus/coach and private hire cars. Below are the details on the two most common transport to Kuala Lumpur.


Taking an airplane is the most convenient and the fastest way to reach to Kuala Lumpur. If you are coming Singapore there are number of airlines that operates on a daily basis  to Kuala Lumpur. These airlines are from AirAsia, Flyscoot, Jetstar, Singapore Airlines, Malaysian Airlines, Malindo Air and Lion Air. Air Asia, Jetstar and Flyscoot are budget airlines which means that the airfare are cheaper. The estimated travel time from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur is around 1 hour and 10 minutes. Depending on airline promotions the one-way fare will be around S$60 – S$80.


Taking bus(coach) to Kuala Lumpur is the cheapest way of transport. The average one-way fare depends on which day of the week, if you are going on weekdays it will be around S$31, while on weekend it is S$37. There are a lot of bus company that operates in Singapore, the most popular one’ are Sri Maju, WTS Travel, Golden Coach Express, Transtar Travel. The bus terminals are situated  in Kitchener Complex, Golden Mile Complex and Boon Lay which helps the passenger to select desired location. The bus departure are in hourly basis, if you wish to book ticket online, Easybook and BusOnlineTicket are the two online bus operator.

We booked our 2-way ticket airfare from AirAsia which is around S$420 for 3 adults and 1 child (two-way fare). It was Sunday morning when we 1from Singapore Terminal 3. We arrived at Kuala Lumpur International Airport past 12 in the afternoon, and after clearing the Immigration we went for our lunch at KFC located at the basement of the airport.


Kuala Lumpur has two passenger airports located in different locations, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and Subang Airport.

1. KUL or Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) is located Sepang which is 45 km south of the main city. The airport has two (2) terminals namely KLIA1 and KLIA2 which are interconnected. Most of the travelers and tourist arrive and depart on this airport. Major airlines carries like Malaysian Airlines and Air Asia are operating on this airport.

2. Subang Airport formerly known as Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport is located 26 km west of Kuala Lumpur. Most of the domestic airlines like Firefly, Berjaya Air are operating in this airport. Also short routes to neighboring countries like Thailand and Indonesia operates on this airport.


KLIA Transit Sign

There are 3 ways to reach KL Sentral from Kuala Lumpur Airport.

1. Train is the most fastest way to reach the main city of Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur has two (2) train services that operates namely KLIA Express and KLIA Transit.  KLIA Express is a non-stop train service that run in just 28 minutes to reach KL Sentral.  The one-way fare for this ride is RM55.00, while two-return is at RM100. Tickets can be purchase online through KLIAExpress website. KL Transit is a commuter train service which will make stops at Salak Tinggi, Putrajaya, Bandar Tasik and Selatan. One-way ticket will RM25.00 for 40 minutes journey from KLIA to KL Sentral.

Operating Hours:  6:00 AM – 11:10 PM (DAILY)

2. Bus/Coach is also one of the available option to reach KL Sentral. Most of the budget travelers will opt to choose this transportation as the one-way fare is only RM10.00. But depending on the traffic conditions it will take more than 1 hour to reach KL Sentral. Bus ticket counters are located on the ground floor of the airport. The bus schedule to depart every 1 hour.

Operating Hours:  6:00 AM – 12:30 AM (DAILY)

3. Taxi which is the other alternative method in getting to KL city center. Taxi fare will range from RM75.00 – RM100.00 depending on location in the city. Riding taxi between the hours from 12:00 AM – 6:00 AM will incur an extra 50% charged to the fare.


Inside the KLIA Express Train

We arrives at KL Sentral past one in the afternoon and then we directly headed to our hotel located near the Beryaja Times Square Mall. Travelling within the city, the most common mode of transportation are train, bus and taxi. For us the easiest  way to get around the city was to ride the train. Famous landmarks and attractions in Kuala Lumpur is just a nearby walk from the train stations. All you need to know is to familiarize the MRT Map, or even ask locals as they will be able to help you guide and teach directions.

Places that we have been

Petaling Street Market

Welcome Sign To Jalan Petaling Street

Jalan Petaling, City Center
Entrance Fee: FREE
Opening Hours: 24 hrs

Petaling Street is known for the little Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur where you can find wide range of clothes, shoes, food and souvenirs items. Shops will usually open at around 4pm in the afternoon and the whole street will be covered with these shops. There are number of tourist and local visitor which are busy shopping and eating along the corner. Most of the shops are selling items in great bargain which you can further ask for more discount on the items.

How To Get There
From KL Sentral station, ride Rapid KL train and alight at Pasar Seni LRT Station. Head for a walk at approximately 10 mins (500m).

Merdeka Square

"Kuala Lumpur Merrdeka Square Kuala Lumpur Travel Guide"

Jalan Raja, Kuala Lumpur City Center
Entrance Fee: FREE
Opening Hours: 24 hrs

Merdeka Square was known as the Independence Square in Kuala Lumpur. It is located in the heart of the city and sorrounded by old architectural buidlings. It has a square field, a 100m high flagpole and the heritage building of Sultan Abdul Samad. The huge grass area is best for people who wants to relax and enjoy the view of the partk.

How To Get There
Alight at Masjid Jamek Station and walk for about 10 minutes to reach the destination.

Batu Caves

"Sri Murugan Statue in Batu Cave Kuala Lumpur Travel Guide"

Gombak, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor
Entrance Fee: FREE
Opening Hours: 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM (DAILY)

Batu Caves is one of the tourist attraction in Kuala Lumpur which is located 30 minutes away from the city centre. It is Hindu schrine where you will notice the temple of Ganesh and the largest religious statue of Lord Murugan located on foot of the limestone hill. Once we arrived, we notice a giant Hindu statue located next to the entrance. To enter inside the cave would require to climb the stairs that is around 300 steps to reach. After we reached the foot of the cave, a Hindu shrine and small temples can be seen on the side. Also the sound of bats flying around the cave and monkeys can be found everywhere.

How To Get There
From KL Sentral, ride a KTM Komuter train service that is bound for Batu Cave. Alight at Batu Cave Station and walk 3 minutes on towards the main entrance. The one way fare will RM2.00 and estimated travel time of 30 minutes.

Petronas Twin Towers

Twin Tower of Petronas In Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur City Center
Opening Hours: 24 hrs

One of the highlights in Kuala Lumpur is to visit the famous Petronas Towers. It is twin skyscrapers, the tallest building and the landmark of Kuala Lumpur. We saw how majestic the Petronas tower especially at night where the dazzling lights outshine the tower.  Inside the building were a shopping mall and a food hub. We went there and had a dinner inside the mall. If you want to check the observation deck and view the city of Kuala Lumpur from the top, you need to purchase a ticket. Click here for more details.

How To Get There
Ride a train, Rapid KL and alight at KLCC station.  It is just a short walk to view the twin towers.


"KLCC Park Kuala Lumpur Travel Guide"

Kuala Lumpur City Center 
Entrance Fee: FREE
Opening Hours: 10:00am-10:00pm (DAILY)

KLCC Park is the famous park located behind the iconic Petronas Twin tower.  The urban park provides greenery and shade for people who want walking and exercise in the middle of the city.

How To Get There
Ride a train, Rapid KL and alight at KLCC station. It is just a short walk to view the twin towers.

Menara Tower

Welcome Sign of Menara Tower in Kuiala Lumpur

No. 2 Jalan Punchak Off, Jalan P Ramlee
Entrance Fee: RM30 (Observation Deck)
Opening Hours: 9:00am-10:00pm (DAILY)

It is the famous park located behind the iconic Petronas Twin tower.  The urban park provides greenery and shade for people who want walking and exercise in the middle of the city.

How To Get There
Ride a train, Rapid KL and alight at KLCC station. It is just a short walk to view the twin towers.

local foods we have eaten

Jalan Alor Night Market

Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang

Jalan Alor is one of the famous night markets in Kuala Lumpur which is always crowded especially on weekends.  A Wide range of food stalls from different dishes of Malaysian, Indian and Chinese local cuisine.  At around 6:30 in the evening when we arrived at the place, there was already a number of locals and foreigners on the streets. We quickly found a place to sit and ordered famous local barbecue chicken wings, satay, cereal prawn, and Hokkien mee. The food was delightful and heavenly onto our taste buds.  After that, we went to buy dessert-ice cream to feed our tummies.

How To Get There
Ride train and alight at Bukit Bintang station, and walk for about 8 minutes.

"Chicken and Mutton Satay Fried Prawn Kangkong Prawn Kuala Lumpur Travel Guide"

Papa John’s Pizza

"Hawaian Pizza at Papa John's Pizza Kuala Lumpur Travel Guide"

Berjaya Times Square, Ground Floor, Kuala Lumpur

After our visit to Batu Cave, we headed directly to Beryaja Times Square and had our lunch at Papa John Pizza. We ordered their recommended Hawaiian pizza, spaghetti pasta, and chicken wings. The food was good and acceptable at the same time the price was a reasonable fine.

How To Get There
Ride the train and alight at Imbi LRT station, just opposite to the station is the Berjaya Times Square Mall which is located on the ground floor.

Krispy Kreme

Berjaya Times Square, Ground Floor, Kuala Lumpur

After we finished our lunch at Papa John Pizza we bought a dozen doughnuts and bring over to our hotel for our tasty snacks.  Doughnuts are serve warm and fresh that is why we like Krispy Kreme for dessert.

How To Get There
Ride train and alight at Imbi LRT station, just opposite to the station is the Berjaya Times Square Mall which is located on the lower ground floor.

Where we stay

Street Direction in Kualu Lumpur Malaysia

During our Kuala Lumpur travel guide, we choose our accommodation through Agoda. On our first day we check-in at V’la Garden Hotel located closely at Berjaya Times Square Mall and a nearby walk to Bukit Bintang. The room is descent, two single beds, enough for us to sleep over the night. Also they offer free breakfast was included during our stay.
On our second day we shifted to a condo-hotel room at Summer Suites Ashraf, we choose this place simply because it was walking distance to Petronas Tower. This condo has a gym and swimming pool amenities.

V’la Garden Hotel
No 170 Jalan Pudu Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 55100
Room Rate: RM 100

Summer Suites Ashraf @ KLCC
Jalan Cendana Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 50250
Room Rate: RM 210


"Merdeka Twon Square in Kuala Lumpur Travel Guide"

We had our flight back to Singapore at past 5 pm on 26th July. It was a short trip and a time spend with family, unwind our mind and body away from busy work. Kuala Lumpur is a progressive country and history are well preserved. With new culture and lifestyle, emerge also different nationalities who come and visit Kuala Lumpur culture. We hope that you have learn something on our Kuala Lumpur travel guide, and you may have use this information on your future travel in Kuala Lumpur.

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Kuala Lumpur
Travel Guide and Itinerary


  • 11:00am   Depart Singapore
  • 12:00pm  ETA KLIA2
                      Kuala Lumpur Intl Airport
  • 12:30pm  Immigration Clearance
  • 01:00pm  Lunch
  • 01:30pm  Puchase KL Rapid
                       KLIA2 to KL Central
                      Fare: RM100
  • 02:45pm ETA Hotel
                      Check IN
                      V’la Garden Hotel
  • 03:30pm Petaling Street
                      Walk around
  • 05:00pm Merdeka Square
  • 06:30pm Board Train
                      Bukit Bintang                
  • 07:30pm Dinner
  • 09:00pm Head back to Hotel
  • 10:00pm  Rest. Sleep


  • 06:00am Wake Up.Ready
  • 06:45am Breakfast
  • 07:30am Check Out Hotel
                      Leave Luggage at Counter
  • 08:30am Ride train to KL Central
                      Head to Batu Caves
  • 09:30am ETA Batu Cave
  • 10:45am Depart to KL Central
                     Back to Hotel
  • 11:30am  Lunch
                    Berjaya Times Square
                    Collect Baggage
  • 01:15pm  Board Train
                     Head to Bukit Nanas
  • 02:00pm Check in Hotel
  • 04:00pm Walk to KLCC
                      Check Petronas Tower
                      Explore KLCC Park
  • 06:30pm Dinner
                      KLCC Mall
  • 08:00pm Head back to Hotel
  • 08:45pm ETA Hotel


  • 06:30am Wake Up.Ready
  • 07:30am  Light Breakfast
  • 08:30am  Check out Infinity Pool
  • 11:00:am  Check Out Condo-Hotel
                      Board Train to KL Central
  • 12:30pm   Lunch
                       KL Sentral Mall
  • 02:30pm  Head to KLIA2
                      Take Train Rapid Transport
                      Fare: RM100
  • 03:30pm  ETA KLIA2 
  • 04:00pm Depart Kuala Lumpur
  • 05:00pm ETA  Singapore
  • 08:00pm Home

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