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Come join, as we avail this Batam One Day Guided Tour package in Indonesia. Here we will show on how this local guided tour package went through. Batam, as we know is one of the small islands of the country Indonesia which is located at the South China Sea. This city is one of the  common weekend trip destinations for some residents in Singapore and even foreigners who wants to visit part of Indonesia. Travellers visit Batan to unwind and relax its beaches resort, ejoying good nightlife, and shopping. 

We went to Batam Indonesia, mainly because one of our friends had informed us that she has a travel voucher to Batam which she purchased online. So we decided to embarked on this journey in our Batam one day guided tour experience. By the way the voucher was at a discounted rate, so she took the chance and purchase it online. This travel voucher includes 2-way ferry transport, guided city tour, and lunch. It was around S$70 when we purchase the ticket from her. For us, we want to travel to Batam Indonesia and discover Batam, taste its famous home baked-Lapis, some more it is just one-hour ferry journey from Singapore. Last 12th February 2012, we visit Batam and availed on the Batam one day guided tour package. 

Batam One Day Guided Tour - TABLE OF CONTENTS

how to enter batam

"Dragon Statue Mana Vitara Duta Temple "

All foreign travelers are required to have a passport with a minimum of six (6) months validity to enter Batam. Almost all countries are not required Visa in Batam but given that the purpose of the visit is for leisure. An equivalent of 30 days stay in Batam will be given to all foreign travelers. Since Batam Indonesia is part of ASEAN countries, Philippine nationals are not required to obtain a visa.

best time to travel batam

Batam weather consist of wet and dry season, its average temperature will range from 28°C to 32°C during the months May to July and 30 °C between March to October. It was a hot and sunny day when we visit Batam.  But one good thing is that we were almost inside the air-conditioned bus during our guided tour.

how to get there

There are hourly ferries that depart Singapore’s Tanah Merah port and Harbourfront  port to Batam. Batam have three(3) ports of entry which are Nongsapura, Batam Center and Sekupang. We arrive at Harbourfront early in the morning to catch our 8:00 am ferry to Batam.  After taking verifying our voucher at the ticket counter, we took a light breakfast and proceed on the waiting lounge. We leave Singapore at 8:10 am, it took one(1) hour travel of the ferry from Singapore to Batam.  Batam’s time is behind by 1 hour, so we arrive at Batam Center at 8:00 am. After we clear the immigration, the host was waiting for us to pick up and send to the bus.


Local transportation within Batam are taxis, motorcycle, private car, and bus.   For most people especially the locals, they are using a motorcycle as their main transportation. During our guided tour, we are riding this 16-seater bus, which is pretty comfortable for all of us taking the tour.  

Foods that we have eaten

"Batam Shopping Mall Menu"
"Chocolate Cake with Ice Lemon Tea Cake Dessert"

Golden Chocolate and Cake Lapis 
Komp. Rejeki Graha Mas, Jl. Raja H. Fisabilillah

Our tour guide sends us to one of the famous manufacturers in Batam that sell a wide range of Lapis Cake with different variety and flavors. It was our first time to try the famous cake in Batam-Lapis Cake. Lapis is a layered cake, which made up from butter, vegetable oil, milk, eggs, and jam. The taste of the cake was soft, and has mild sweetness it is best eaten along with a cup of coffee or tea.

Golden Prawn 933 Restaurant
Jalan Golden Prawn, Batam

During our lunch, we were brought to Golden Prawn 933 restaurant, which they served us seafood like cereal prawn, chili crab, grilled squid. The food was good and we enjoyed since we haven’t tasted seafood in Batam. Alongside they also offer coconut juice for our drinks and it was refreshing.

Places that we have been

"Dragon Statue Mana Vitara Duta Temple "

Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Temple
Jl. Bukit Beruntung, Sungai Panas, Batam Kota, Sungai Panas

It was our second stop of the guided tour when we visited Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Temple. It is known as the largest Buddhist temple with many statues in Batam. We went inside the only few visitors came to pray on that day, which was good for us so we can concentrate to pray inside the temple.

Batam Miniature House
Tanjung Buntung, Bengkong

It is a small park where most of the structure are miniature designed local Indonesia houses. This was made to conserve and introduce foreign guest on Indonesia cultural heritage. Most of the house height is around 3-4 ft and there are total 26 miniature house build inside the park. We were amazed on how they build the house as if this were intended for a dwarf to live.

"Miniature House Model in Batam"

Below are the details of the tour package we have availed:

Package Cost:  S$70/pax
– 2-way ferry tickets
– 2-way Batam land transfers
– City tour, seafood lunch & massage will be at your own expense.

It was past 4:30 pm when we head to Batam Center ferry terminal.  Inside the ferry terminal, we saw shops selling POLO shirts which our guided tour also suggested us to check.  Our scheduled departure time from Singapore was 5:30 pm local Indonesia time.  

Mana Vitara Duta Temple Batam One Day Guided Tour"

It was a quick getaway for us as we experience our Batam one day guided tour. Batam, which is just one-hour ferry ride from was another adventure that we will not miss. Here we experience a different environment, tasted new food, and discovered a new adventure. Probably in our next visit we could stay 2-3 days to explore beach in Batam. Overall it was fun and good to place to unwind from a busy work schedule in Singapore.

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Batam One Day Guided Tour

  • 07:00am Harbourfront Station
  • 08:00am ETA Harbourfront Station
                      Head to Ferry Terminal
  • 09:00am Depart Singapore
  • 09:30:am ETA Batam
  • 09:45am Immigration Clearance 
  • 10:00am Meet Guided Tour
  • 10:15am  1st stop
                     GTS Local Shop
                     Local Coffee,
                     Tea and Kueh Lapis
  • 10:45am 2nd stop
                    Batam Miniature House
                    Batam Go-Kart
  • 11:15am   3rd stop
                    Maha Vihara Duta Temple
  • 12:30pm  Lunch
                     Golden Prawn Restaurant
  • 01:30pm 4th stop
                     Watch local cultural dance
                     Kuda Luping
  • 02:30pm 5th stop
                      Massage and Spa
  • 03:45pm 6th stop
                      Batam Shopping Mall
  • 04:30pm 7th stop
                      Batam Polo Shop
  • 05:00pm Sekupang Ferry Terminal
  • 05:30pm Depart Batam
  • 07:30pm ETA Singapore
                      Harbourfront Terminal
  • 09:00pm Home

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