Let’s hike along Clementi Forest, one of the untouched forests in Singapore. Exploring this dense forest, hikers will find walking through the narrow path, challenging trails, and crossing the streams of water. From here, visitors will find the old railway track that leads to the underground tunnel up to the Maju Forest. So come on, and get ready as we explore Clementi Forest.

Clementi Forest High Standing Trees


Clementi Forest is situated around the Clementi Estate which is right beside the stretch along Clementi Road. Right beside the forest is the recently develop rail corridor and the Old Bukit Timah Railway station.


Entrance To Clementi Forest

The entrance to Clementi Forest is right behind the bus stop opposite Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Bus Stop No.12109). There is a small narrow path right beside the canal that will lead hikers to Clementi Forest. Hikers can also take a shortcut across the Rail Corridor.


Clementi Forest Map Directions

While hiking along the Clementi Forest, we noticed map directions that lead to Rail Corridor and Clementi Forest. It was previously created by some hikers to help visitors head in the right direction while exploring the forest.


Clementi Forest Singapore
Hiking At Clementi Forest Singapore
Canal At Clementi Forest Singapore

Visitors will discover the lush vegetation of untouched flora and fauna around the Clementi Forest.

Clementi Forest Canal Trails

The trails are challenging, where hikers will expect the trails to be a mix of the land of water. There is a stream of water that needs to be crossed, so expect your shoes and foot to get wet. For visitors who are looking for a challenging route, this will suit individuals’ needs.

Canal Trails At Clementi Forest
Canal At Clementi Forest
Truss Bridge At Clementi Forest

The old truss bridge that connects the old KTM railway.

Trails At Clementi Forest
Log Wood Along Clementi Forest Trails

Thick vegetation of various plants and shrubs will be observed while walking along the trail. Hikers will need to walk along the branches and cross over the fallen trees.

Trails At Clementi Forest
Fallen Trees Along Clementi Forest
Muddy Water Along Clementi Forest Trails


Clementi Forest Trails
Old Jurong Railway Clementi Forest

Crossing through the tropical forest, visitors will find the abandoned Railway track that was built during the late 1960s. This old railway serves as the Jurong Railway line which was developed to connect the industrial needs between Singapore and Malaysia. This line serves as a branch of the Railway from Bukit Timah passing Clementi, Ulu Pandan to Jurong estate. The operation was ceased around the 1990’s leading this old railway track to be abandoned since then.

Old Jurong Railway At Clementi Forest

Through the years, there are a number of fallen trees are lying along the ground and some are even blocking along the railway tracks. Since it was not maintained, it left a natural experience over time for visitors hiking along the track.


KTM Railway Tunnel
Inside The KTM Railway Tunnel

Heading through the Clementi Forest, hikers will pass through the tunnel. The OLD KTM Tunnel is unique as it is the first underground tunnel built previously along the railway track that runs around the Clementi area. This tunnel is located directly opposite Maju Camp along Clementi Road where visitors can head down to the slope right behind the bus stop.


Fallen Trees Along Maju Forest
Maju Forest Rock Formation
Maju Forest Trails

After passing through the Old KTM Railway Tunnel, the trails will lead to Maju Forest. Walking through Maju Forest, hikers will experience a mixed path of rocky and muddy soil. Along the way, the old railway track is still visible for hikers passing the natural environment.


KTM Railway At Clementi

The old railway track along Clementi Street 14 and Sunset Way, passes through the Jurong Railway line bridge. This old rustic place is a reminder of a piece of history of the old railway track in Singapore.


Caution Fallen Trees At Clementi Forest
  1. Visitors must be careful, as there number of, fallen trees along the trails.
  2. Wear proper hiking shoes with good grips, as the terrain is muddy and difficult.
  3. Do not wear shorts, wear long pants.
  4. Bring along a hiking stick or rod.
Ripped Sole Shoes At Clementi Forest


Exit Sunset Way At Clementi Forest

Clementi Forest was a good place to check for visitors who are looking for a good adventure and challenge somewhere off the beaten track in Singapore. Hikers expect that shoes will get muddy due to the streams of water that need to be crossed. Hiking through the trails, there number of fallen trees along the way, and it was such untouched beautiful natural scenery. It highly recommends avoiding visiting the forest the day after it rain, or possibly during the period where there is no rain. The trails can be muddy and slippery which makes it dangerous to hike along the way. Best also to hike early morning where the sun rays just started to shine together with the beautiful mist of fog from the forest. Overall it is worth exploring this untouched dense jungle in Singapore.

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