Welcome to Chestnut Nature Park Guide, discover the abundance of nature displays and embrace this tranquil nature park. Discover Chestnut Nature Park’s tranquil atmosphere with beautiful trails designed for hiking and mountain biking. The nature park has trails that connect to Mandai reserve which every hiker’s delight to explore nature up close. Walking through the trails, visitors can observe the number of animals and insects like beetles, monkeys, birds, and butterflies. The park is surrounded by wild vegetation and tall trees which creates the abundance display of nature’s habitat boosting every visitor’s experience of nature.

Park Point At Chestnut Park


Chestnut Nature Park is located at 105 Chestnut Avenue. The nature park entrance is FREE with opening hours from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM (Daily).


Chestnut Avenue Singapore


There are two (2) ways to reach to Chestnut Nature Park.

1. Take bus 700, 700A or 966 and dropping off at housing block 202 at Petir Road, where you will find Chestnut Avenue on both sides of the road. The entrance is on the same side of Block 202. If you come from town and from Dairy Farm Road entrance of Petir road the entrance to Chestnut Ave is on your right. Your bus stop will be on the opposite side of the road and on the opposite of Block 201.

2. Take a bus 190, 972 or 960 and alight at Bukit Panjang Road near the BKE exit. Cross the overhead bridge to Blk 276 Bangkit, then walk for about 10 minutes to reach the park.

Car Par At Chestnut Nature Park


If driving, head to Chestnut Avenue, along the Petir Road which near the junction of BKE Expressway. The car park is located inside the entrance of the park. The parking lot would be crowded specially on weekend morning, but visitors are seen parking on the side of the road.


Welcome Sign To Chestnut Park

Inside the park, there number of activities for each visitor, family and friends has to offer. This includes multipurpose court, exercise fitness equipment, cycling track, children play equipment. Also there is dog run area where dogs can easily play and run around.

Southern Hiking Swamp Chestnut Nature Park
Southern Trails Chestnut Park


Park Trail Chestnut Nature Park

Chestnut Nature Park is divided into two (2) trails, namely Northern Loop Trail and Southern Loop Trail. The Southern Loop Trail is about 2.1 km long while the Northern Loop Trail is 3.5 km long. Visitors can take the Northern Trial or the Southern Hiking Loop separately or combine them for a strenuous but refreshing hike.


Chestnut Nature Park Souther Loop Sign

The Southern Trail Loop is divided into three (3) segments; Sunbird Trail, Munia Trail, and Drongo Trail. The first part is the Sunbird Hut (resting place), then Munia Trail which is split by the Chestnut Avenue road.

Fruit Trees At Southern Trail of Chestnut Nature Park
Southern Hiking Trail Chestnut Nature Park

The Munia Trail continues on a loop up to Drongo Trail, then returns to Sunbird Trail. The Southern Loop Trail is around 2.1 km which is about 45 minutes hike.


Chestnut Nature Park Northern Loop Sign

The Northern Trail starts beside the Chestnut Observation Tower. Visitors walking through the trails will reach the Piper Hut (resting place) which is about 500 meters away, followed by Costus Hut, Cyathea Hut, and Leea Hut. At the end of the trail is the Chestnut Point or Pump Track where the toilet, water coolers are available. Also, this is the place where most mountain bikers hang out and rest.

Northern Hiking Trails Chestnut Nature Park
Stone Pave Chestnut Nature Park Northern Trail


Observation Tower Chestnut Park
View From The Top Of Tower Chestnut Park

The Chestnut Observation Tower is one of the attractions of the nature park. The seven-story tower is the gateway to the Northern Trail. Climbing through the top of the tower, visitors can get 360 degrees of the surrounding jungle and high-rise buildings on the side.


Hiking And Biking Trail Sign
Norther Trail Sign Chestnut Nature Park

There are several directional signboards inside the Chestnut Nature Park. These are in form of triangular-shaped which can be seen every 100 meters. This signboard served us as a guide for visitors and will be helpful in case of the event is lost or came out wrong on the trail. The signs can be read on both sides, which shows how far you have walked. Also, there are designated trails for hiking and mountain biking, sometimes there are trails run side by side. Visitors must be mindful of using which path is allowed to go.


Rent A Bike Shop Chestnut Nature Park

Visitors who wish to explore the park by cycling the trail, there is a bike rental kiosk located in the visitors center. Bike rental rates start from $15/hour for weekdays and $18/hour on weekends for the use of mountain bikes. The shop is open from 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM on weekdays and 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM on weekends.


Chestnut Nature Park View

Hiking through Chestnut Nature Park, visitors can enjoy the beauty of nature and enjoy the fresh positive ions in the air. The nature park has separate trails for hikers and mountain bikers which is also clearly shown on the signpost along the trails. The mix of flat, up slope, and down slope trails provide a really good workout, with provided huts and benches that serve as resting places or shelter. Hiking on both Northern and Southern trail loops will take around 2-3 hours. Visiting on weekends can be over-crowded, thus we recommended to visit during weekdays which is quieter and peaceful. Overall Chestnut Nature Park is worth visiting the nature park with accessible trails and a tranquil hiking experience. For visitors who want to extend their adventure, the nearby cross-over walk to Zhenghua Park and hike onward to Dairy Farm Nature Park is readily accessible.

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