Explore Singapore’s adventure island and discover the things to do in Pulau Ubin outdoor activities-cycling, hiking, kayaking, and fishing. With only a 10-minute boat ride from Singapore, visitors will be able to get back on time on what Singapore was before with kampongs or old villages. Visitors who love the great outdoors will experience an amazing day out exploring this 1,020-hectare island. So come and follow us as we provide the best things to do in Pulau Ubin.

Pulau Ubin Jetty


Pulau Ubin is one of Singapore’s islands located on the northeastern coast of Singapore. It is the 2nd largest island and is also situated right next to the Pulau Tekong Island. The island recommended visiting hours are from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM.


Pulau Ubin Passenger Queue Changi Ferry Terminal


Board the train on the EAST-WEST LINE and alight at Tanah Merah MRT station. Then ride Bus no. 2 which will take you to Changi Village. The ferry terminal is also located in front of the Changi Beach Park.

Pulau Ubin is around a 10-minutes boat ride from the main island of Singapore. Visitors will need to head to Changi Point Ferry Terminal and board the pump boat for $4 (one-way fare). The fare applies to both adults and children, and passengers bringing their bicycle will need to pay an additional $2 on each way.

Changi Ferry Terminal To Pulau Ubin


Pulau Ubin Ferry is a pump boat that is scheduled to depart at any time as long as the minimum number of passengers is met. The ferry can carry 12 passengers and the cash fare is given to the pump boat operator during onboard.


Map of Pulau Ubin


Welcome To Pulau Ubin Sign

Exploring this Pulau Ubin, nature lovers and adventure-seeking individuals will hike on top of the Puaka Hill, head to Chek Jawa Wetlands, climb the Jejawi Tower and cycle around Ketam Mountain Bike trails.

Directions of Things To Do In Pulau Ubin
Pekan Quarry Pulau Ubin


Cycling In Pulau Ubin

Cycling around Pulau Ubin is one of the recommended activities for a visitor exploring the island. It is the easiest way to explore how Singapore’s last villages or kampongs look like before. Visitors will be able to explore the island nature experience with some wildlife animals which can be seen along the way. Exploring this Pulau Ubin, nature lovers and adventure-seeking individuals will hike on top of the Puaka Hill, head to Chek Jawa Wetlands, climb the Jejawi Tower and cycle around Ketam Mountain Bike trails.

Pulau Ubin Bicycle Rental Shops
Bicycle Rental Shop In Pulau Ubin

Bicycle rental shops are available near the main jetty of the island, where visitors can choose a different range of bicycle types. Full-day bike rental rates of bicycles start from $8 to $15, depending upon the quality of the bike. It is advisable to test ride the bicycle and check the tire pressure, chains, brakes, and gears. The cycling trail can be easy for some areas where most are covered with pavement, unless for some adventurists who prefer to take the mountain bike trails. There is a dedicated park – Ketam Mountain Bike Park where it features 10km trails that cater to cycling with steep slopes, narrow tracks, and mixed obstacles.


Pulau Ubin Quarry View From Puaka Hill

Puaka Hill is one of the must-visit for visitors who desire to trek into the 74m high hill and view the breathtaking scenery of the lake. It can easily take roughly 10 minutes to reach the top of the hill where visitors can view the amazing vantage point of the Ubin Quarry. There is two vantage point, where the northern part of Singapore and parts of Johor can be seen given on the clear sky. But there are barriers located at both vantage points for the hiker’s safety to avoid going into the edge of the hill. The climb is not that difficult, only that there are steep parts and paths can be rocky so when climbing to the hill get good shoes. There are guide ropes provided on the side to help especially when the track gets slippery on a wet day.

Puaka Hill Entrance Sign Pulau Ubin
Trails At Puaka Hill

Puaka Hill is located 10 minutes cycling ride from the main jetty. Most of the bicycles are parked at the base of the hill beside the Merbah Hut.


Check Jawa Visitor Centre

Chek Jawa Visitor Centre (House No.1) is the recommended place in Pulau Ubin, visitor can check the bungalow building made up of bricks. The house was built back in the 1930s as a retreat house of the former chief surveyor. Currently, it served as the visitor information center with the collection of photos and artifacts. Visiting Check Jawa Wetlands is about 3km from the main jetty, visitors can cycle, walk, or hire a van taxi ($12 per/pax). Cycling to the Check Jawa will take around 20 minutes or roughly 50 minutes of hiking. Visitors who are carrying bicycles must park and lock the bicycle near the outside gate, there are wild monkeys so it is not recommended to leave any plastic bags, food or drinks on the bicycle.

Chek Jawa Boardwalk In Pulau Ubin

Chek Jawa Visitor Center has its own jetty, where the visitor can walk along on through its boardwalk. Along the stretch of the boardwalk, clear water with matching blue skies compliments the great sea view. There is a also vending machine that sells cold drinks and a toilet located near the visitor information center.


Fishing Area Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin offers good fishing spots for the fishing enthusiast, where some can cook their catch fish. As advised, fishing is prohibited at all quarries areas on the island.


Chek Jawa Coastal Walk

Walking along the wetlands area, visitors can take the 1km coastal walk and mangrove walk. The experience will be better given when the skies are clear and it is low tide where sand crabs, mudskippers can be seen along. Sheltered area is available where visitors can relax and enjoy the gentle sea breeze.

Chek Jawa Wetlands Map

At the end, there is 20m observation tower-Jejawi Tower where visitors can climb above the canopy to get glimpse of the 360 degrees view of the island. Visitors will be able to appreciate the great natural scenery and with some wildlife animals such as birds, monkeys, wild boars and monitor lizards.


Puaka Hill View In Pulau Ubin

Visiting Pulau Ubin offers a great experience for all visitors and nature lovers. The island is the best day trip adventure of doing an outdoor activity such our cycling, hiking, and fishing. Most of the visitors come to the island to get away from the stress and bustle of city life. Renting a bike, one can explore the whole like and witness the unspoiled and rustic environment of Singapore. Having said the above things to do in Pulau Ubin, we hope that on your next adventure you can consider visiting the island. Probably on our next visit, we will try to experience camping overnight on the island. Until then, will see you on our next adventure.

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