All foreign nationals traveling to Malaysia are required to submit the Malaysia  Digital Arrival Card. With effect on 1 January 2024, travelers must submit online the digital arrival card three (3) days prior to arrival in Malaysia the. The Digital Arrival Card is an online platform introduced by the Malaysian government to streamline the immigration process for incoming travelers. Instead of filling out traditional paper arrival cards, travelers can now complete their arrival details digitally through this platform. This initiative aims to enhance efficiency at immigration checkpoints and provide a more convenient experience for travelers entering Malaysia.Upon arrival in Malaysia visitors will need to show this information to the passport and immigration counter.

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1. Visit the Malaysia Digital Arrival Card website

To register for the Arrival Card, visitor will need to access the website or mobile application.

Malaysia Digital Arrival Card Website
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2. Click on Register Button

For first time visitors, individuals are required to create an account which involve providing your personal details such as name, passport information, contact information, etc.

3. Enter Your Personal Information

4. Enter Your Travel Information

Ensure that all the information you entered are accurate and matches the details in your passport. Visitors will then need to enter travel details, including flight information, purpose of visit, duration of stay, accommodation details.

Malaysia Digital Arrival Card Travel Information
Personal Information For Malaysia Digital Arrival Card
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5. Submit and Check Email Confirmation

Once you’ve filled out all the required fields, review the information to ensure its accuracy, and then submit the form.

Email Confirmation
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After submitting the digital arrival card, you may receive a confirmation message or email indicating that your registration has been successful.


  1. On the Digital Arrival Card, click on Check Registration
  2. Enter Registration Information (Passport Number, Nationality and PIN Number). Pin number are sent through email.
Check Registration Status For Malaysia Digital Arrival Card
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It’s essential to check the specific requirements and procedures for the Digital Arrival Card, as they may vary over time and depending on the platform used for registration. Additionally, make sure to complete the registration well in advance of your travel date to avoid any last-minute issues.

Exemption To Submit Malaysia Digital Arrival Card

1. Citizens of Singapore;
2. Diplomatic and Official Passport holders;
3. Malaysian Permanent Residents and Long Term-Pass holders;
4. General Certificate of Identity (GCI) Brunei Darussalam holders;
5. Brunei Malaysia Frequent Traveler Facility holders;
6. Thailand Border Pass holders; and
7. Indonesia Cross-Border Travel Document (PLB) holders.

For more detail and the latest please visit Security and Passport Division, Immigration Department of Malaysia

Official Portal of Malaysia Immigration days prior arrival in Malaysia the

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