Visit Botanical Gardens in Singapore the first UNESCO World Heritage Site known for the stunning orchid garden, amazing tropical trees, plants, and wildlife. Located at the heart of the city of Singapore, Botanical Gardens offers an ideal place for visitors to explore the lush greenery in the middle of this urban setup. The park is best for families, and friends who want to have a good stroll or even have a picnic on its spacious grounds. This garden is well-curated in terms of the variety and the different garden themes such as Evolution Garden, Healing Garden, Fragrant Garden, etc. Visitors will have a good time exploring the different routes which makes it more interesting to discover.

Botanical Gardens In Singapore


Botanical Gardens in Singapore is located along Cluny Road, Singapore. The park is open daily from 5:00 AM to 12:00 Midnight.



The most accessible way to visit Botanical Gardens in Singapore via public transport is through the Botanic Gardens MRT Station (Circle Line and Downtown Line). The Botanic Garden MRT station is situated along Bukit Timah road. The entrance to Botanical Gardens is just right outside the exit of the station which makes it conveniently accessible for all visitors. On the other hand, visitors can take the bus no. and alight along the Bukit Timah road. 

Botanic Gardens Bus Stop At Bukit Timah


Botanical Gardens In Singapore Park Map


Singapore Botanic Gardens Bukit Timah Entrance
Botanic Gardens UNESCO World Heritage Site Inscription
Park Directions At Botanical Gardens In Singapore


Eco Lake At Botanical Gardens In Singapore

The Botanic Garden Eco Lake is located just 5 minutes off from the entrance of Botanic Gardens MRT station. This lake offers a picturesque view of the calmness of the water with wildlife animals like tortoises and monitor lizards lying in the background. Around the lake is a wonderful place for people to have a picnic, and enjoy the serene view of the lake, especially in the late afternoon.


Jacob Ballas Childrens Garden Botanic Gardens Singapore

One of the free amenities inside the Botanical Garden is the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, which is designed for all kids to actively play, explore and learn around. The playground is only intended for children with accompanying adults but adults alone are not allowed to enter. Children can have fun with the various activities like a water play station, sand-pit area, slides, trampoline, bridge, maze, and climbing ropes. Aside from that, there are also a variety of plants and fruits which children can see and learn about the nature of the ecosystem.


Healing Garden At Botanic Garden Singapore

As they all say nature is the best medicine, and the Healing Garden showcases medicinal plants across different varieties. These medicinal plants are used to cure different parts of the body, and also include the respiratory and reproductive systems. Most of the plants in the healing garden are found in Southeast Asia which is so-called rich in history. Visitors will find the place very informative, as there are signs and information written on the plant on how it supports for healing


Rain Forest At Singapore Botanic Gardens

Inside the Botanical Garden, there is this Learning Forest where visitors can explore the different plants and tree species. As the name suggests, visitors will find it interesting to know and learn about all the planted trees in this area. Visitors will also find it easy to recognize the tree name as there are labels corresponding to the name of the tree. Walking along the forest path, visitors will find it clean and well maintained with several wildlife animals crossing around.


National Orchid Garden Singapore

The National Orchid Garden is one of the highlights and one must visit the garden when visiting the Botanical Gardens in Singapore. This garden offers the most number of orchids that come in different types and varieties. Individuals who are flower fans or enthusiasts will find this place amazing. This orchid is stored in a controlled indoor area which helps the orchid grow healthy and bloom magnificently. But getting inside the National Orchid Garden requires an entrance fee of $5 for local adults and $15 for foreigners. The Orchid Garden is open from 8:30 AM to 7:00 PM (Daily).


Prive Restaurant At Singapore Botanic Gardens
The Garage Restaurant Botanic Gardens Singapore

Inside the park, there are number of restaurants and coffee which every visitors can enjoy good meal after day exploring Botanic Gardens.


Walking to Symphony Theatre Botanical Gardens In Singapore

Botanical Gardens in Singapore is a truly gorgeous and amazing garden right in the uptown area of Singapore. Considering its UNESCO World Heritage site, the park entrance is absolutely FREE. Upon visiting the park, visitors will be surprised at how big and massive the park covers the wide variety of plants and trees. First-time visitors may be lost and confused as there are the different path that leads to different park themes. But for most seasoned visitors, visit the park for a morning leisure walk, while some are jogging around the area. Most of the areas are flat surfaces, but there are some which are hilly so if you have not yet visited the park, please go and see all the wonders that it can offer. If you are interested, Fort Canning Park is also a park located in the downtown area of Singapore.

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